Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life at the MTC

Hello Family, Friends, and whoever is reading this!
So my second week in the MTC was awesome! I have learned so much and I am really starting to get better at teaching the gospel. My 2 companions and I are a lot more united in our teaching than we were at first. We are all contributing equally to lessons. Being here is exhausting and humbling. The most important thing I learned this week is that teaching by the Spirit is key. It really doesn't matter what I say to people, if the Spirit isn't there to testify that what I am saying is the truth and is from God, then people are not going to believe and come to know Christ. We had a testimony meeting in my class on Saturday and we all went around and talked about how we came to know that the LDS Church and the gospel of Christ are true. It totally brought us closer together.
We got our travel plans a few days ago, we leave Tuesday, the 12th at like 8:45 am and it's about an hour flight to Boise! My whole district (6 Elders, 3 sisters) are flying together. 

Shout Outs!
  • Elder T - Thanks for the letter!!
  • Carissa, Margo, and Kim - Thanks for the letters!
  • Family - thanks for the e-mails! Especially Amber for using! Remember that you can use that to send letters to the MTC for free! But only until next Monday! After that send letters to the Boise address!
I really appreciate letters! You all are amazing!
The computer at the MTC won't let me send pictures so I will send some once I get to a computer in Boise.
love you all!
Sister B.

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