Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Go out with a bang!"

Hello Everyone!

This week was awesome! We had missionary leadership council on Tuesday. That's always a fun meeting because we get to discuss the mission and how we can help the other missionaries. On Thursday and Friday we went on exchanges. On Thursday one of the Spanish sisters came with me and we went to teach a new investigator. Her neighbors are LDS and she watched general conference and had lots of questions. We taught the first lesson and answered her questions and it went really well. She even came to church on Sunday and said she enjoyed it! On Friday I went with other Spanish sisters to their zone meeting. It was pretty much all in Spanish so that was fun! They even made me say the opening prayer in Spanish! They said I did good and I understood most of the meeting. The Spanish zone leaders are awesome! Their zone meeting was so spiritual and you could tell they really care about all the missionaries in their zone. After the meeting we went to Golden Coral and ate WAY too much! They Sister Bishoff came with me to Nampa because she's in a trio. I know, our names are really close. haha. We went to contact a man who just started coming back to church and we found his stepson home instead. He agreed to read the Book of Mormon and said we can come back next week! You just never know. We set baptismal dates with 3 of our investigators this week. They all have felt the spirit tell them that the Book of Mormon and the gospel are true and that they should be baptized. One needs to quit smoking but she is so close! It's amazing to see people change and gain more peace in their lives. I'm so happy for them. So we went out with a bang on Sister Armstrong's last week! She goes home tomorrow! Today I got my new companion, Sister Davenport from Tennessee!! She goes home 6 weeks after I do! 

Love you all!
Sister Bishaw

Sunday, October 13, 2013

"I just love conference​s!"


This week was great! Minus Sister Armstrong getting the 24 hour flu on Friday. So we had to take a sick day. She's doing better now so that's good! Maybe we were just pushing ourselves a little too hard. We did a lot to plan Sisters Conference. We had a meeting just for all the sister missionaries in the mission. It went really well! The theme was DOTS which stands for Depend on the Savior. So all the sisters wore something with polka dots and all the decorations were dots. Sister Cannon helped with that it was so cute! We ended with a testimony meeting where everything talked about a time when they had to depend on the Savior. The Spirit was so strong and we were reminded of why we are doing what we are doing. We want others to know that they can turn to the Savior during hard times as well.

We also got to watch General Conference! It always goes by too fast! I wrote questions before conference and I received answers. I know that God knows me personally and through his Spirit he will teach me and tell me what I need to know. I don't know what I would do without his help. 

We taught a good amount of people this week too. It seems like a lot of people we teach just aren't quite there yet but I know that as we keep working with them and praying for them it will all happen for them in the Lord's time. People often need consistent love and help from others in order to change. So we'll keep being their for them!

Love you all!! I also love letters! ;)

<3 Sister Bishaw

"What happens when the Elders get emergency transferre​d...."

Hello All!

This week was great! We went on exchanges with other sisters twice this week. I stayed in our are both times. We had plenty to do because we got 2 more wards on Tuesday! It was a little overwhelming at first but the good thing is that I have covered these wards before. So I know what's going on. We got the wards because the Elders got emergency transferred out of the area. I guess they weren't getting along. So we have to take care their wards til the end of the transfer. He we go. It's been hard balancing all the wards. I feel bad for the ones we don't work in as much. But we do the best we can. 

I started teaching the Eubanks again. They are awesome and it was good to see them again! We talked about general conference and following the living prophet. Jackie is seriously thinking about baptism now so that's exciting! 

We taught a lot of lessons again this week. The Lord is definitely blessing us! There are lots of people to help! We met this one guy who is the adopted son of a member. He said he lost his faith because he was homeless most of his life and nothing went right for him. We were able to help him realize the blessings that he has and the times that God has answered his prayers. We testified that God loves him. He had a lot more hope when we left. That's what the mission is all about. Helping people find hope and happiness. Little by little. 

Love you all!!

Sister Bishaw

Family and Friends! Thanks for all the support!