Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm struggling to think of a title this week...


So last Monday we went to the senior singles Family home evening again. We had a testimony meeting afterwards. It was so cool to hear everyone's stories and how they came to know that the gospel was true. I learned that everyone has been through something difficult that has changed them and that has made them stronger. Even if it caused them to fall away for a time, they have come back and they are stronger now. The Atonement of Christ is real. People can change with God's help. God's way is the way to true happiness. 

On Wednesday we had dinner with Sister Poe. She grew up in the church and eventually became "very disenchanted" and had her name removed from the records. She's in her 60s now and she was rebaptized almost 3 years ago and she was taught by sister missionaries. She's the coolest lady. She makes us feel right at home. 

On Thursday we found out that someone we visit is in the hospital. She has COPD and she had to have a tube put down her through to help her breathe. We went to visit her on Friday and it was just really sad to see. She's totally awake but she can't talk. We told her to keep fighting. We heard she was put in a nursing home. But we started teaching her friend. She really likes when we visit with her and talk about the gospel. We got her scriptures and pictures of Christ. She's so sweet. 

This weekend was tough for us. So many of our appointments got cancelled and one of our investigators told us that she doesn't believe in Christ. It was a trying time. But we learned that we just need to keep a positive attitude and turn to the Lord when we don't know what to do. 

Thanks for all the prayers! Love you all!! 

<3 Sister Bishaw 


There were cop cars outside our apartment this morning! Don't worry parents, nothing exciting happened. 

We put this up in our church buildings! haha

I found Thor in Boise!

Monday, January 21, 2013

"My eye is leaking"

Hey Everyone!

So last P-day was super fun. We went to the Capitol building and took awesome pictures. There are more but they are on Sister Houtz's camera and it is dead. So something to look forward too. :) They told us it was "the people's house" so we got to walk around and sit in the Senator's seats!
Then we went shopping and I for new boots! At payless for $35 marked down from $60. And they are really comfortable! Score!
That night we got to go to the senior-singles family home evening at the church. It was the best thing of my life. This one man sang just for me and Sister Houtz and I was almost crying it was so sweet. They just go there to make friends because a lot of them are lonely and just want someone to reach out to them. 

On Wednesday we met Elizabeth's friend, Robert who is also Dutch and he's agnostic. He was super funny. He invited us to fly his stunt kites! 
We also saw Tammy who is friends with an LDS lady we know. She asked for her own set of scriptures so she could read them every day! She has so much faith, she's awesome!

On Thursday I finally got to meet Sonia. She is hispanic and I can't even describe how awesome she is. Let's just say she prays to the forces of the universe. I love her. I also met a 7th day adventist who is married to a Mormon. He thinks both churches are right but he doesn't want to be baptized LDS because he thinks God would be mad at him for going back on his 7th day advent baptism. It was a very interesting conversation. But he read the book of mormon every week. 

On Friday we had a couple miracles. First, someone came over and fixed our dryer! No more hanging my clothes all over the apartment! haha. And another was when we were contacting a referral. We prayed in the car that it wouldn't be awkward and then it totally wasn't! His friend answered the door and said he wasn't home but we gave him our number because the referral guy is interested. 

We spoke in church again on Sunday - different ward this time. We spoke with the high councilman and he said that we inspired him to give a different talk than the one he prepared! He talked about how we don't have to be perfect to be disciples of Christ. We just have to be committed to trying and repenting daily. We have to let Christ clean us up and believe that he can do it. You can never sink lower than the light of Christ's atonement shines (Elder Holland). 

Here's a cool quote I heard on Sunday "Life and death is only an illusion. In the end there is only life. -Joan of Arc. 

Today we woke up ate quarter to 5 and went to IHOP to say goodbye to my former companion, Sister Anderson. She is on her way back to Georgia today. She's sick and there are too many tests they have to do for her to stay. She was going home in 4 weeks anyway so it's not that sad, but we will miss her. We all followed her to the mission office for her final interview with President. It was funny because we were all in there when the office missionaries came at 9 and they were like "what are all these mission cars doing here before the office opens?" hahah good times. 

Thanks for all the love and support! love you all!

Sister Bishaw 

PS I forgot to explain the title - I learned that I have a clogged tear duct. So my eye has been crying since yesterday. It's weird but everything should be okay. lol 

I thought Kim would like this :)

That's my companion!

The Senate

Front row seats!

Check out my BSU bracelet!

The Boise Capitol Building!

Boise liberty bell??

it was a little bit cold...haha

Cool Ceiling!

Pretty official

Monday, January 14, 2013

"Elders! This guy has jumper cables!"

Hello All!! 

This was an eventful week in Boise South :). 

So on Monday I was super super tired because I stayed up way too late packing. We had a dinner appointment and the poor lady forgot we were coming but she made us something real quick anyway. What a nice lady! They were a cool couple who had cool stories. They both converted to the church in college in Idaho. 

On Tuesday we had District Meeting. We have a really awesome district so we had lots of fun. We even went around and said what our favorite super heroes are. I said the Hulk because deep down he's really a good guy ;). After the meeting we went to go to lunch and Elder Nelson and Elder Flake's car wouldn't start. It was freezing out and their car is up to like 50,000 miles. So we're all like "What do we do?" No one had jumper cables so we asked them if they knew anyone who lived near the church. Then Sister Houtz just starts running and as her companion I follow her. We ran to the house next door and asked the guy who lived there if he had jumper cables. He said yes and as he was getting them we went to tell the Elders we found some. We yelled "Hey Elders! This guy has jumper cables!" Then they all start laughing! Later we found out that Elder Nelson had just finished saying a prayer when we yelled to them. haha! So they had the faith and we did the works. :) 

By Tuesday night Sister Houtz and I were getting pretty sick so we stayed home. On Wednesday our colds were really bad so we went to the mission office to get Priesthood blessings and then went home and slept all day. The blessings said that we would get better quickly so that we could do the Lord's work. And now we are better! Wednesday was the only day we stayed home. 

On Friday we washed a dog for this lady! She is in a wheelchair so it's hard for her to wash her service dog, Holly. It was a pretty fun service project! 

On Saturday we visited Sister Healy from my old area in Boise West! It was really good to see her! That night I also met this couple that is obsessed with Twilight. They had posters all over there living room. Awesome. 

We spoke in one of our wards on Sunday. I talked about making Christ the center of our lives. As we do our best to be like him and make small improvements every day we will find joy and see and miracles. We also met this lady named Ann who is probably in her 70s and she is coming back to church! I love her so much already and I only met her once. The Atonement is real. God wants us all to come back now matter how far away we've strayed. We also met another lady who has been excommunicated but wants to be rebaptized! We were able to testify to her of the power of the Atonement. Anyone can change and do anything with the Lord's help. 

We also were told that Elder Ballard of the 12 apostles is coming to the Boise South stake for a special stake conference in February! We also get a meeting with a surprise apostle just for us missionaries. We're excited!

Love you all!!

Much Love from the South Side,
Sister B 

Dinner sign up sheet...we thought we were pretty clever ;) 

My January planner...did I already send a picture of it? 

Sister Houtz! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Guess who's back in the city?

Hello Friends and Family!

So today was transfers and I got send back to Boise! I'm in the Boise South Stake now with Sister Houtz from Colorado. I lived with her when I served in Boise West so I already know that she's awesome. There are Elders in Middleton now because we have an odd numbers of Sisters so one sisters area had to close. I'll miss Middleton but I'm excited to be back in the city. 

This past week was good. We just visited lots of people and got everything ready for the Elders. Not too much else to report. Sorry this is short! 

Thanks for all the love and support! Love you all! 
Sister Bishaw

Shout Outs!
-Carissa!! Thanks for writing me!! 
-Congrats to Alicia and Martin for getting married!! ;) 

See you later Greens! Have fun with the Elders!

See you later Troutners! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Remember, all nail polish comes off with water."

Hello All! Sorry for the break in e-mails! Things will be back to normal next week for sure! We didn't e-mail Monday because Sister King was sick and yesterday was a holiday so we are e-mailing today
Happy New Year Everyone! I'm going to say 2012 for the next 3 weeks at least I know it. I already wrote it in my planner by accident. haha
So Christmas was really fun. We visited some families we hadn't been able to see before that. Then we got to talk to our families! It was really good to talk to you guys! And then we had dinner with bro Sayko, whose wife was out of town, his friend who is single, and a widow in our ward. So we were all just a bunch of misfits with no families to eat with on Christmas. It was so cute! The whole time we were at dinner it was snowing! I told everyone on the phone that day that it barely ever snows here and then what happens? It snows so bad we just have to drive home after dinner. I jinxed it!
Later in the week we got to see this lady named Rosalie. She loves when we visit and talk about the gospel. She told her granddaughter that all nail polish comes off with water. It was awesome. Also, he ringtone is the Party Rock Anthem and it went off while I was reading scripture. Good times.
One of the people we teach wants to be baptized! He just needs to quit chewing tobacco. Shouldn't be too hard because we've got the power of God on our side! :)
We finally got to make an appointment to teach this lady that lives across the street from this family that we know. She went to the temple open house and then was interested in meeting with us. We got a call concerning her and I just felt inspired to go visit her right then and we caught her outside and we made an appointment to see her on Saturday! She is the coolest lady and she really wants to read the Book of Mormon and come to church! She was so excited when we gave her her own Book of Mormon. She was also excited when she leared that anyone can go our church! So in case anyone is unclear on that, All visitors are welcome at all LDS churches. We would love for everyone to come to church. :)
Yesterday we went to a couple New Years get togethers at members' houses. One was for this little girl named Marlie's 4th birthday. We gave her the tiaras we got because we think she has more of a use for them. haha :)  And then we went to this lady named Betty's house. She's 80 and has so many cool stories. She joined the church in her 50's. And while I was there I met her granddaughter who I figured out is the mom of this teenager I taught once in Boise. She was recently baptized and she wants to be active but doesn't really know how. She said no one visits her, So I told her I would contact her Elders, which I did. It was totally not a coincidence! Miracles happen every day my friends!
Love you all!! 
Shout Outs!
-Welcome to the world Shayne Kaluhikaua Bishaw Hancock! :)
-Welcome to the mission Sister Pfeifer!

Christmas talent show! Sister Tonu'u surprised the Elders by teaching them how to dance Samoan! ;)

President Cannon got a cool present! That's a Ghana pin from Elder Ofe if you were wondering ;)

Thank you family!! :)

Auntie Shell and Uncle Tom think they are really funny. ;) haha thanks guys!

Best baby cow ever! We participated in a nativity where the animals talked. Super funny. 

HEE-HAW - Zach was the donkey and bro T was the innkeeper in a Zebra snuggie. bahaha

Guess who surprised me???? Yup, you got it. AND she brought cookies ;) You can tell she surprised me because I look like I just woke of from a nap, which I did.

My mom knows me so well :)

We got tiaras! Thank you Sister King's home ward!

My Christmas PJS!! Love them, and my slipper socks. And that box next to me is from Sister Chadderton who gave me her dresses! My mama goes home in 3 days! AHH!

Family and Friends! Thanks for all the support!