Monday, January 14, 2013

"Elders! This guy has jumper cables!"

Hello All!! 

This was an eventful week in Boise South :). 

So on Monday I was super super tired because I stayed up way too late packing. We had a dinner appointment and the poor lady forgot we were coming but she made us something real quick anyway. What a nice lady! They were a cool couple who had cool stories. They both converted to the church in college in Idaho. 

On Tuesday we had District Meeting. We have a really awesome district so we had lots of fun. We even went around and said what our favorite super heroes are. I said the Hulk because deep down he's really a good guy ;). After the meeting we went to go to lunch and Elder Nelson and Elder Flake's car wouldn't start. It was freezing out and their car is up to like 50,000 miles. So we're all like "What do we do?" No one had jumper cables so we asked them if they knew anyone who lived near the church. Then Sister Houtz just starts running and as her companion I follow her. We ran to the house next door and asked the guy who lived there if he had jumper cables. He said yes and as he was getting them we went to tell the Elders we found some. We yelled "Hey Elders! This guy has jumper cables!" Then they all start laughing! Later we found out that Elder Nelson had just finished saying a prayer when we yelled to them. haha! So they had the faith and we did the works. :) 

By Tuesday night Sister Houtz and I were getting pretty sick so we stayed home. On Wednesday our colds were really bad so we went to the mission office to get Priesthood blessings and then went home and slept all day. The blessings said that we would get better quickly so that we could do the Lord's work. And now we are better! Wednesday was the only day we stayed home. 

On Friday we washed a dog for this lady! She is in a wheelchair so it's hard for her to wash her service dog, Holly. It was a pretty fun service project! 

On Saturday we visited Sister Healy from my old area in Boise West! It was really good to see her! That night I also met this couple that is obsessed with Twilight. They had posters all over there living room. Awesome. 

We spoke in one of our wards on Sunday. I talked about making Christ the center of our lives. As we do our best to be like him and make small improvements every day we will find joy and see and miracles. We also met this lady named Ann who is probably in her 70s and she is coming back to church! I love her so much already and I only met her once. The Atonement is real. God wants us all to come back now matter how far away we've strayed. We also met another lady who has been excommunicated but wants to be rebaptized! We were able to testify to her of the power of the Atonement. Anyone can change and do anything with the Lord's help. 

We also were told that Elder Ballard of the 12 apostles is coming to the Boise South stake for a special stake conference in February! We also get a meeting with a surprise apostle just for us missionaries. We're excited!

Love you all!!

Much Love from the South Side,
Sister B 

Dinner sign up sheet...we thought we were pretty clever ;) 

My January planner...did I already send a picture of it? 

Sister Houtz! 

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