Monday, January 21, 2013

"My eye is leaking"

Hey Everyone!

So last P-day was super fun. We went to the Capitol building and took awesome pictures. There are more but they are on Sister Houtz's camera and it is dead. So something to look forward too. :) They told us it was "the people's house" so we got to walk around and sit in the Senator's seats!
Then we went shopping and I for new boots! At payless for $35 marked down from $60. And they are really comfortable! Score!
That night we got to go to the senior-singles family home evening at the church. It was the best thing of my life. This one man sang just for me and Sister Houtz and I was almost crying it was so sweet. They just go there to make friends because a lot of them are lonely and just want someone to reach out to them. 

On Wednesday we met Elizabeth's friend, Robert who is also Dutch and he's agnostic. He was super funny. He invited us to fly his stunt kites! 
We also saw Tammy who is friends with an LDS lady we know. She asked for her own set of scriptures so she could read them every day! She has so much faith, she's awesome!

On Thursday I finally got to meet Sonia. She is hispanic and I can't even describe how awesome she is. Let's just say she prays to the forces of the universe. I love her. I also met a 7th day adventist who is married to a Mormon. He thinks both churches are right but he doesn't want to be baptized LDS because he thinks God would be mad at him for going back on his 7th day advent baptism. It was a very interesting conversation. But he read the book of mormon every week. 

On Friday we had a couple miracles. First, someone came over and fixed our dryer! No more hanging my clothes all over the apartment! haha. And another was when we were contacting a referral. We prayed in the car that it wouldn't be awkward and then it totally wasn't! His friend answered the door and said he wasn't home but we gave him our number because the referral guy is interested. 

We spoke in church again on Sunday - different ward this time. We spoke with the high councilman and he said that we inspired him to give a different talk than the one he prepared! He talked about how we don't have to be perfect to be disciples of Christ. We just have to be committed to trying and repenting daily. We have to let Christ clean us up and believe that he can do it. You can never sink lower than the light of Christ's atonement shines (Elder Holland). 

Here's a cool quote I heard on Sunday "Life and death is only an illusion. In the end there is only life. -Joan of Arc. 

Today we woke up ate quarter to 5 and went to IHOP to say goodbye to my former companion, Sister Anderson. She is on her way back to Georgia today. She's sick and there are too many tests they have to do for her to stay. She was going home in 4 weeks anyway so it's not that sad, but we will miss her. We all followed her to the mission office for her final interview with President. It was funny because we were all in there when the office missionaries came at 9 and they were like "what are all these mission cars doing here before the office opens?" hahah good times. 

Thanks for all the love and support! love you all!

Sister Bishaw 

PS I forgot to explain the title - I learned that I have a clogged tear duct. So my eye has been crying since yesterday. It's weird but everything should be okay. lol 

I thought Kim would like this :)

That's my companion!

The Senate

Front row seats!

Check out my BSU bracelet!

The Boise Capitol Building!

Boise liberty bell??

it was a little bit cold...haha

Cool Ceiling!

Pretty official

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