Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! I'm saying it now because I will probably not send an email next week as all our email facilities will be closed for the holidays :). 

Last Tuesday we went to a Relief Society white elephant party! We got the most random stuff. I got this super big and ugly shirt. And sister King got nesting dolls which was actually pretty cool. We're planning on using the shirt to prank the Elders....don't tell anyone. ;) 

We had an awesome district meeting this week. Then we went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch and took final pictures as a zone as there are Elders who went home today! Crazy! Then we got to go to the family history center and you all know how much I love family history so I was in heaven. We're allowed to do some of our own research now and bring our owns names to the temple! 

We had dinner with this awesome family this week. The dad had us do role-plays of knocking on doors with his kids and they're all under 12 and super brave! 

Kayden was baptized on Saturday! He's 9 and he was crying because he felt the spirit so strong. We could tell it was a special experience for his family as well. It was great! 

Merry Merry Christmas again! 

Love you all!

-Sister B 

The awesome shirt that I scored at a white elephant party! 

Another awesome white elephant gift that Sister Lund gave to me. 

Our "Christmas Tree" that we created today out of Christmas cards. No judging ;) 

A Middleton moose with the Middleton sisters! Merry Christmas! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Me: "When you pay your tithing you don't instantly get money." Jordan (age 7): "You get candy."

Happy Christmas Season Everyone!
So last Monday after I sent my e-mail we had the most awesome miracle happen! So we had been trying to visit a neighbor of a family because she went to the temple open house, but we kept missing her. All we knew about her was that she has a yellow bug and he name might be Michelle. So last p-day we pull into family dollar and guess what we saw in the parking lot? Yes, a yellow bug. Now how many yellow bugs do you think are in the small town of Middleton, ID. Not many was my guess. And so who do we see walking towards this yellow bug. The lady we were looking for! So we talked to her and turns out her name is Theresa and she wants us to visit her. So cool! God is truly aware of us all.
We have also still been teaching Kayden and he is ready for his baptism on Saturday. The quote from the subtitle is from his little brother. I used candy to teach about tithing. It was super funny.
We had zone meeting this week and came up with lots we can do to help our wards. I'm excited! We also went to the Middleton town parade and a ward Christmas party! Super fun.
We're also excited about the new youth curriculum called "Come, Follow Me." Check itout at!
This computer is going ot log me off so that's all for this week I guess!
love you all!!

Sister B

Me and Amber waiting for the Middleton Christmas Parade! Her parents own Mike's Bargain Barn! :) PS Don't pay attention to my Jedi hood that is in my face...haha

Sister Zaharco! She's from Madagascar!

The middle school band!



The world's finest choclate right here in Caldwell, ID at a mexican restaurant ;)

Monday, December 3, 2012

"Yeah, you can have them come over and do the voodoo."

Hello Everyone!! 

My first week in Middleton went pretty well! It seems like with each area it gets easier and easier to learn directions and peoples names. I struggled with those two things a lot in my first area! It's called progress. ;) 

Last Monday night we visited this lady named Fern. She has thousands of of things in her house that have unicorns on them. Pretty much the coolest thing I've seen. She is a super sweet old lady and she was really glad we stopped by because she has missed the missionaries because the sisters haven't been able to see her in a while. I also met the Troutner family during FHE when they were decorating their house. Sister T is super into decorating and she has three little trees in her living room that she calls her "tree-o". Get it? hahaha. 

Our first appointment on Tuesday was with a lady who is coming back into activity in the church. It was amazing because her son, who is active, happened to be visiting and he was about to go back to Seattle when he found out that she was meeting with us. When he found out he decided to come. He is a convert of about 5 years and he was the best missionary ever for his mom. He was able to explain things a way that she would understand because they are so close. We loved it. That night we taught Vance whose wife is LDS but he is not. He agreed to take the missionary discussions!

On Wednesday we had district meeting in Caldwell! It was the farthest I've ever had to drive for district meeting. And out district leader is and Elder that was in my district my first 3 transfers. Pretty crazy! After the meeting we met with Colleen who has known about the LDS church for pretty much her whole life and she used to be married to a Mormon. She is dying from cancer so we asked her if she would like a priesthood blessing. She didn't really say anything at first but before we left she said "yeah, you can have them come over and do the voodoo." bahahah! It was awesome. Just so everyone knows, Mormons don't do voodoo. ;) 

That night we taught Kayden who is 9 and his family are all members but he isn't baptized yet. So we taught him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and set a date for him to be baptized on the 15th. He is a really smart 9 year old. When I asked what a prophet was he said "A man who tells the people what God wants them to do." Right on, my friend. :) 

On Thursday we did lots of weekly planning and organizing of information. I have learned that I love paperwork and recording information and organizing it too. My companions pretty much all love me because most of them hate paperwork. :) 

Friday we visited lots of awesome families. We visited a lady who was baptized 4 years ago and before that she was raised Jehovah's Witness. Her husband is still a witness, but she had found a lot of joy in the LDS faith. She knows so much about the gospel. We had an great discussion. 

On Saturday we helped Sister Dombrowski, who is a ward missionary, decorate her house for Christmas. Service is so fun! And afterwards she took us to the "Burger Den." It's right accross the street from the church and it's delicious. 

On Sunday we taught 2 lessons in church and taught Kayden again. Before we taught him we watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. I liked when President Monson said "We find true joy when we make Christ the focus of the season." So true!

I love you all! Enjoy your week and this awesome Christmas season!

Thanks for everything!

Love, Sister B 


1. The horse in our backyard! It was a foggy day. I'll get a better picture next week!

2. The first of many pictures that will include me, animals, and Middleton. The Beverlins' dog had cute puppies!!

Family and Friends! Thanks for all the support!