Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! I'm saying it now because I will probably not send an email next week as all our email facilities will be closed for the holidays :). 

Last Tuesday we went to a Relief Society white elephant party! We got the most random stuff. I got this super big and ugly shirt. And sister King got nesting dolls which was actually pretty cool. We're planning on using the shirt to prank the Elders....don't tell anyone. ;) 

We had an awesome district meeting this week. Then we went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch and took final pictures as a zone as there are Elders who went home today! Crazy! Then we got to go to the family history center and you all know how much I love family history so I was in heaven. We're allowed to do some of our own research now and bring our owns names to the temple! 

We had dinner with this awesome family this week. The dad had us do role-plays of knocking on doors with his kids and they're all under 12 and super brave! 

Kayden was baptized on Saturday! He's 9 and he was crying because he felt the spirit so strong. We could tell it was a special experience for his family as well. It was great! 

Merry Merry Christmas again! 

Love you all!

-Sister B 

The awesome shirt that I scored at a white elephant party! 

Another awesome white elephant gift that Sister Lund gave to me. 

Our "Christmas Tree" that we created today out of Christmas cards. No judging ;) 

A Middleton moose with the Middleton sisters! Merry Christmas! 

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