Monday, December 10, 2012

Me: "When you pay your tithing you don't instantly get money." Jordan (age 7): "You get candy."

Happy Christmas Season Everyone!
So last Monday after I sent my e-mail we had the most awesome miracle happen! So we had been trying to visit a neighbor of a family because she went to the temple open house, but we kept missing her. All we knew about her was that she has a yellow bug and he name might be Michelle. So last p-day we pull into family dollar and guess what we saw in the parking lot? Yes, a yellow bug. Now how many yellow bugs do you think are in the small town of Middleton, ID. Not many was my guess. And so who do we see walking towards this yellow bug. The lady we were looking for! So we talked to her and turns out her name is Theresa and she wants us to visit her. So cool! God is truly aware of us all.
We have also still been teaching Kayden and he is ready for his baptism on Saturday. The quote from the subtitle is from his little brother. I used candy to teach about tithing. It was super funny.
We had zone meeting this week and came up with lots we can do to help our wards. I'm excited! We also went to the Middleton town parade and a ward Christmas party! Super fun.
We're also excited about the new youth curriculum called "Come, Follow Me." Check itout at!
This computer is going ot log me off so that's all for this week I guess!
love you all!!

Sister B

Me and Amber waiting for the Middleton Christmas Parade! Her parents own Mike's Bargain Barn! :) PS Don't pay attention to my Jedi hood that is in my face...haha

Sister Zaharco! She's from Madagascar!

The middle school band!



The world's finest choclate right here in Caldwell, ID at a mexican restaurant ;)

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