Monday, November 18, 2013

Last Email Home


Woah, this is the last one of these! Can you all believe it? I can't. My mission has been the best hardest thing of my life. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I've been able to see the gospel of Jesus Christ change individuals and families for the better. I've seen miracles happen. I've seen the Lord use me to answer someone else's prayer. What a beautiful experience. It's been a privilege to help the Lord in His work. As missionaries and as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we seek to share the love of God of with others. That's all we are really here to do. To help all of God's children know that God loves them and that they matter because they are children of God. I know that God knows all of his children and he knows what they need. Through His spirit he will tell us what we can do to help them.

Kari Bess got baptized this weekend! It was a great baptism and a lot of her family came. Her husband came and we could tell that he felt the spirit. It's awesome to see the gospel bring families together.

Love you all! Thank you for all the support over the past year and a half!

<3 Sister Bishaw

Monday, November 11, 2013

"I'll miss your smiling face"

Hello Everyone!!

This week went well! Sarah Adams got baptized and it was amazing! The Spirit was so strong. She invited so many people. All her friends from Deseret Industries came. Also two of her neighbors. It was a great turn out. The Bishop spoke and he challenged all those who are not LDS to meet with us (the sister missionaries) and find out for themselves it is true. Bold! Sarah bore her testimony and said that she never leaves the house without reading the scriptures. What a reminder and lesson that is to all of who have been in the church longer. She really is an inspiration and she has been truly converted. She wants to share it with everyone and her excitement about the gospel is contagious!

We had a minor setback this weekend when our phone stopped working! It wouldn't let us make calls or receive calls or texts or anything. It said we were out of range! It was really bad because we went on exchanges that day and we forgot to say where we were going to meet at the end of the night. Sister Davenport also dropped the phone on the front lawn on our way to the car that morning so we didn't even have the phone when we exchanged with the other sisters. When Sister Davenport got back to the house she noticed that the lawn looked like it had been mowed!! But luckily the boy who mowed the lawn found the phone and propped it up on the door. Can you imagine if he ran it over with the lawn mower?! bahahah! It was a miracle that he didn't. But our phone still didn't have service. So eventually Sister Davenport called us from someone else's phone and we told her that we had already driven to Nampa from Kuna so they could just meet us at our house. On Saturday we went to the mission office and they gave us a new phone and we had to go to Sprint to get all the contacts moved over. It was eventful! And while all this was happening we were trying to finalize all the plans for Sarah's baptism! But it all worked out. With prayer it always does.

Love you all!!
Only one of these left! Ahhh!

<3 Sister Bishaw

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Flava-Flave was at our Trunk-or-Treat!

Hello Everyone!!

This week was awesome!

We went to the baptism of Jackie Eubanks! It was a wonderful experience. It's amazing to see the gospel bring people so much joy and peace. And to see it brings families even closer together. 

We went on exchanges with the Caldwell sisters. They are both Tongan. Sister Valele is awesome! She's really funny and excited about everything. She just came out on her mission a few weeks ago. She is so happy and positive about everything. We had fun.

Sarah is all ready for her baptism on Saturday. She made her own invitations and she is inviting everyone! She even invited the people who helped her make copies of her invitations at the library! She hasn't smoked in about 2 weeks and she is staying strong! She had a game plan. If she gets the urge to smoke she said she'll just go to the library and read the scriptures or she'll say a prayer. She's just awesome and has been truly converted! We're so happy for her. 

We went to teach this family and when we got there they had to reschedule because their dog just had 11 babies!! A pure bread pitbull. The little babies were so cute! It was cool. Then we just shared a message about the beauty of creation! :)

We went to the Trunk-or-Treat at the church and the best costume hands down was Sister Robison who let out her fro and dressed up like Flava-Flave. hahaha. She had a big clock on her neck! Funniest thing. 

Have a great week everyone! See you soon!!

<3 Sister Bishaw

"It Will Change Your Life Forever!"

Hello Everyone!!

This week we got a lot done! We had a list of members of the ward that the ward council wants to check on and help come back to church. So we found out a lot of information about those people. One brother we visited said he doesn't want to come back to church but he is interested in playing church ball! So the ward is going to set that up ASAP! 

We started teaching a couple who is friends with a member. They let us in this time and we taught them about the Restoration. The husband is Catholic but he agreed with everything we taught and he agreed that he would read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it is true. He was flipping through it during the lesson and he looked pretty interested in knowing what it's all about. He and his wife just love helping people and are really sweet.

We went to contact someone of that list and the address it had for him ended up being a janitorial supply store! We asked the lady at the desk if this brother was there and she told us he was in Boise and that she was his mom! She told us that he served a mission in Italy and has since stopped going to church. But his parents are getting ready to serve a mission. They know that their family will be blessed as they serve. 

We had stake conference this week! Elder Bowen and Elder Allen of the seventy came to reorganize our stake presidency. Bishop Stephan from the 36th ward is the new stake president! He is a really missionary-minded bishop. He was totally my guess for who it would be! Elder Bowen is awesome! He spoke to us about how to be better member missionaries. He said that his favorite way to do missionary work is to say "Are you a Mormon?" and see what people say. He's had a lot of success doing that! 

Love you all!! Only a few weeks left to write me!!!

<3 Sister Bishaw

"It was a neat-o, wild, and crazy week!"

Hello Everyone!

We taught a lot of lessons this week and it was awesome! We met a lot of new people, some interested, others not so much. But we definitely did our part and worked hard! 

Sister Davenport is awesome. She makes me laugh a lot. She is also really brave and great at teaching! We work together well and just try to talk to everyone about the gospel. 

Two of the people we are teaching are preparing for baptism. It's exciting to see how enthusiastic they are about the gospel and how much they are looking forward to their baptisms. They are already inviting people to attend and sharing the gospel with those around them. Sarah wants to learn everything she can. She even bought these old Book of Mormon cartoons on VHS! She said she never walks out the door without reading something from the scriptures. She's just soaking it up and loving it! I can see how much she has changed and she seems so much more at peace. She is constantly turning to the Lord for help. 

It was a great week! Thanks for all the support!!

Sister Bishaw

Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Go out with a bang!"

Hello Everyone!

This week was awesome! We had missionary leadership council on Tuesday. That's always a fun meeting because we get to discuss the mission and how we can help the other missionaries. On Thursday and Friday we went on exchanges. On Thursday one of the Spanish sisters came with me and we went to teach a new investigator. Her neighbors are LDS and she watched general conference and had lots of questions. We taught the first lesson and answered her questions and it went really well. She even came to church on Sunday and said she enjoyed it! On Friday I went with other Spanish sisters to their zone meeting. It was pretty much all in Spanish so that was fun! They even made me say the opening prayer in Spanish! They said I did good and I understood most of the meeting. The Spanish zone leaders are awesome! Their zone meeting was so spiritual and you could tell they really care about all the missionaries in their zone. After the meeting we went to Golden Coral and ate WAY too much! They Sister Bishoff came with me to Nampa because she's in a trio. I know, our names are really close. haha. We went to contact a man who just started coming back to church and we found his stepson home instead. He agreed to read the Book of Mormon and said we can come back next week! You just never know. We set baptismal dates with 3 of our investigators this week. They all have felt the spirit tell them that the Book of Mormon and the gospel are true and that they should be baptized. One needs to quit smoking but she is so close! It's amazing to see people change and gain more peace in their lives. I'm so happy for them. So we went out with a bang on Sister Armstrong's last week! She goes home tomorrow! Today I got my new companion, Sister Davenport from Tennessee!! She goes home 6 weeks after I do! 

Love you all!
Sister Bishaw

Sunday, October 13, 2013

"I just love conference​s!"


This week was great! Minus Sister Armstrong getting the 24 hour flu on Friday. So we had to take a sick day. She's doing better now so that's good! Maybe we were just pushing ourselves a little too hard. We did a lot to plan Sisters Conference. We had a meeting just for all the sister missionaries in the mission. It went really well! The theme was DOTS which stands for Depend on the Savior. So all the sisters wore something with polka dots and all the decorations were dots. Sister Cannon helped with that it was so cute! We ended with a testimony meeting where everything talked about a time when they had to depend on the Savior. The Spirit was so strong and we were reminded of why we are doing what we are doing. We want others to know that they can turn to the Savior during hard times as well.

We also got to watch General Conference! It always goes by too fast! I wrote questions before conference and I received answers. I know that God knows me personally and through his Spirit he will teach me and tell me what I need to know. I don't know what I would do without his help. 

We taught a good amount of people this week too. It seems like a lot of people we teach just aren't quite there yet but I know that as we keep working with them and praying for them it will all happen for them in the Lord's time. People often need consistent love and help from others in order to change. So we'll keep being their for them!

Love you all!! I also love letters! ;)

<3 Sister Bishaw

"What happens when the Elders get emergency transferre​d...."

Hello All!

This week was great! We went on exchanges with other sisters twice this week. I stayed in our are both times. We had plenty to do because we got 2 more wards on Tuesday! It was a little overwhelming at first but the good thing is that I have covered these wards before. So I know what's going on. We got the wards because the Elders got emergency transferred out of the area. I guess they weren't getting along. So we have to take care their wards til the end of the transfer. He we go. It's been hard balancing all the wards. I feel bad for the ones we don't work in as much. But we do the best we can. 

I started teaching the Eubanks again. They are awesome and it was good to see them again! We talked about general conference and following the living prophet. Jackie is seriously thinking about baptism now so that's exciting! 

We taught a lot of lessons again this week. The Lord is definitely blessing us! There are lots of people to help! We met this one guy who is the adopted son of a member. He said he lost his faith because he was homeless most of his life and nothing went right for him. We were able to help him realize the blessings that he has and the times that God has answered his prayers. We testified that God loves him. He had a lot more hope when we left. That's what the mission is all about. Helping people find hope and happiness. Little by little. 

Love you all!!

Sister Bishaw

Sunday, September 29, 2013

"There is a reason the Lord called me English-Speaking..."

Hola Amigos!! 

We went on two exchanges this week and with both of them I had to go to a Spanish area! I was definitely humbled by the Lord. There is a reason he called me English-Speaking. I realized that I can't understand Spanish unless I am talking to someone who speaks it the way I do - aka like a Gringa. haha. It was a learning experience though. I shared some scriptures in Spanish. A lot of people spoke Spanglish anyway. We helped this lady hang her wet clothes in her apple tree!
We had an awesome week teaching-wise! We started teaching 5 new people. The members here are on fire. We don't even have to ask for referrals, they just give them to us! We started teaching this couple that has had a rough life. Their neighbors are members and they were present at the lesson. It works so much better when a member friend can testify of what the restoration of the gospel has done for them. The spirit was so strong and when I recited the first vision (Joseph Smith's experience when he prayed to know which church was right) the wife got chills and I know she felt the spirit. I know I felt it too and I can never deny that. I know that this is Christ's church reestablished on the earth. I know that this family has been prepared by the Lord to receive the gospel. The Lord's timing is so perfect and he is aware of all of his children. As we turn to Him, he will put us where we need to be. 

I love you all!!! Only two months left to write me!! Hurry! ;) 

<3 Sister Bishaw

"Simplify and Intensify!"

Hello Everyone!! 

We got to have a zone conference with Elder Craig Zwick of the seventy. He is a powerful speaker and he taught us how to simplify and intensify and close with power in our teaching. He has so many stories and it was just really inspiring to hear from him and his wife. His mission president was Elder Richard G Scott! He spoke to the members here and they are all really excited about sharing the gospel now. We just need to earn their complete trust! 

We went on exchanges with Homedale and Caldwell sisters this week. I got to go to Homedale and we ate WAY too much! Sister Thomas and I had fun being reunited after a week apart though! haha. We got free ice cream from this lady who served her mission in Homedale and then moved back and married someone from there! We also got to help at the local senior center! Homedale is such a cute town. I stayed here and sister Hala'api'api came from Caldwell. We met 2 people here that she knows from Caldwell! It was inspired! We also got to talk to a recent convert about family history so that was fun! 

So it was a good week! 

Thanks for all the support!! 

Sister Bishaw

"And there shall be a great hailstorm sent forth to destroy the crops of the earth."

Hello from the unpredictable land of Idaho!!

On Thursday there was a crazy hailstorm! It came out of nowhere! It didn't last very long but a lot of crops were ruined. Poor farmers! We were stuck on someone's doorstep. They weren't home but by the time we turned around to go back to the car, it was hailing! It was pretty funny. At least we weren't on bikes!

We also got to meet a hedgehog! This one brother paid 300 dollars for one! It was SO cute, but pretty pokey! We've been getting to know the members in this area and learning where everything is. There are a lot of number streets in this area and it's a little confusing, but we're learning. Everyone here is really missionary-minded and many of them share the gospel often. One Bishop stood us up twice by accident but he's really cool so we won't hold it against him! haha. We went to a baptism and a wedding this weekend! The Baptism was in Kuna (where Sister Armstrong used to serve) and the wedding was in our area. They are a Hispanic couple. He doesn't speak much English so the Bishop translated a lot of it. His wife is LDS and he is not but he's interested in learning! His wife was crying and shaking through the whole thing! So sweet!

The Elders were teaching this awesome lady. We feel blessed to be able to teach her now. She has so much faith even though she's been through so much. Her "grams" was LDS and she trusts her judgment. She said her grams told her if she ever needed help to go to the LDS church. When she was in an abusive relationship and feeling lower than low she walked by an LDS church and remembered the words of her grams. She walked in and talked to the Bishop. Now she is working hard to quit smoking because she really wants to be baptized and have a church family. It's amazing to see what the Savior can do for people when they turn to Him. He really can heal us. "Yea, my soul was filled with joy as exceeding as was my pain!" (Alma 36:20). 

Love you all!! Prayers and letters are appreciated!! 

<3 Sister Bishaw

Saturday, September 7, 2013

"You're going to Homedale? Don't drink the water."


Today is transfer day again! Sister Thomas will be going to Homedale, ID and training a new missionary! She's on fire! We're actually still together til Wednesday because she doesn't get her companion until then so that's fun. My new companion is Sister Armstrong! She's been out 1 transfer longer than me and this is her last transfer! We'll be Sister Training Leaders together so we'll go on exchanges with other sisters a lot. She will be my 3rd Californian companion! It will be fun! 

This week was awesome! Our talent show went pretty well. It could have had a better turn out but it wasn't bad for labor day weekend. We had about 100 people there and 2 investigators that we invited. We got to take one on a tour of the church building. At the show one little kid solved the Rubik's Cube in 1 minute and 38 seconds! 

We also found some new people to teach. Sister Thomas found a couple while I was in Kuna on exchanges. I rode a bike all day in Kuna! The sisters were low on miles for their car so we rode bikes. I respect the Elders so much because it was just so painful. And I felt like I looked ridiculous with a skirt on and my flats that did not have enough grip. And it was really hot! I feel so blessed to have a car. 

We bore our testimonies in all of our wards yesterday and in one of them I said what I have learned on my mission and I realized that my mission is almost over. I started crying. It's so bittersweet! But I really have seen for myself that God does truly love and know all of us personally. And it's our job to help others know that God loves them. And God wants us to be happy so he's given us the commandments and shown us the way through His Son, Jesus Christ. 

Love you all! Thanks for the support!! Letters would be awesome! 

<3 Sister Bishaw

The Eubanks!! :)

Me with Sister Thomas! I did my hair like hers ;)

Bye Linda! 

Brother Cook's garden is doing so well!

After the Talent Show!

I conquered that chicken! I caught it!

"Can we mow your lawn? Please?!"


We mowed 2 lawns this week! One of them we have to pick up at the dog poop first. It was quite the experience! But it's really cool because people are starting to let us help them! A lot of people don't like to ask for help...including myself. But we really love doing it. We just get to lighten their load a little! :) 

We've been working on finalizing everything for our talent show. We've had a lot of people volunteer to be in it so we definitely have enough. There will be a lot of good music and dancing and funny acts too! We really hope everyone invites their friends so we can meet new people! We've been trying to invite everyone we meet. 

We did exchanges and I got to be with Sister Turner again for the day! I can't believe it's been almost 5 months since we were companions! We had fun and got to get caught up on each others missions and families! 

On Saturday we went to 2 block parties! We ate a LOT of food! We thought about going to Jack in the Box earlier in the day but we were glad we didn't because we got so many burgers later on! One of the wards is doing block parties so we can meet their neighbors! It's been going well. 

I hope everyone is doing well! Letters are appreciated as always :)

Love you all!

Sister Bishaw
My September Planner! Lots of animals here!

Sister Turner and I back together again (just for the day)! :) I love her.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"When you grow up in the trailer park it's no joke."


We had Zone Conference this week and at the end President Cannon surprised us with tickets to see Ephraim's Rescue! So we got to go to the Nampa Reel! First time I ever went to the movie theater on my mission! It's a movie about Ephraim Hanks who was a convert to the LDS church around the time the Joseph Smith was martyred. Some of his descendants actually live in the wards that we cover! It was a great movie. I laughed and I cried! The people in the early church sacrificed a lot to do what God asked of them. And they had amazing spiritual experiences that strengthened their faith. 

We also did a lot of service this week. Like we got to milk cows! and feed the calves and pick up bails of hay! I'm glad I'm finally getting my Idaho farming experience. :) It's really hard work. We went to a family farm and they work so hard. I don't know how they do it! Oh, we also got to collect chicken eggs. I was afraid the chickens were going to bite me but I was brave and picked one up to see if there were eggs under it and it didn't hurt me! 

We had a cool experience where we stopped by this house we had knocked on before and we met the lady's son this time. He told us that they just moved here from Washington and he thinks that Idaho is the best place in the whole world! He said everyone is so nice and the weather is perfect. We invited him to the talent show we're putting on. Planting seeds!

The best part of the whole week was when Vanessa Sharp was baptized! She is our investigator that we taught last transfer before the Elders took over the ward she's in. We just love her so much and it was such a happy experience to see her husband baptize her. We got to help do her hair and we spoke after she was baptized. We couldn't hold back the tears of joy! We also go to go to church on Sunday when she received the Holy Ghost. She said she felt on top of the world! :)

Love you all!! Thank you for the support!
Sister Bishaw

Linda's birthday! She turned 21 ;)

Aren't they just beautiful?! Brother Sharp baptized Sister Sharp! :) 

Us with Sister Sharp! :)

We got to go to the movies on our mission!! :)

On Sunday at Sister Sharp's confirmation! :) 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"And stuff like that..."

Hello Everyone!! 

This week was fun. We had two big meetings! I found out that our mission will eventually have 80 sisters and 120 Elders! Exciting! Missionaries will be everywhere! 

We met saw this lady named Linda again on Monday and we met her animals! She has a ferret and birds and a dog. When she said the prayer before we left she thanked God for sending us because "she really needed that." Those moments make it all worth it! 

One of our investigators went back to California this week. We miss her and hope she is doing okay. She left in a bit of a hurry and there was a lot of drama happening in her life. 

Sister Thomas turned 21 on the 7th! We helped Micah make her missionary pinata. That was fun. 

On Thursday we got to meet some Donkeys and cows! I feel more and more country every day! And on Friday we met LOTS of cows and goats and chickens! 

On Saturday we did a lot of service. A few weeks ago we met this man named Issac. We turned around in his driveway and didn't realize he was standing outside. So we talked to him. He said his granddaughter is LDS but he wasn't interested. We went by again to invite him to an activity and he was really nice and we even gave him a pamphlet! Then on Saturday we came over and just started weeding his garden without asking him. It was pretty funny because after a while his grandson and his friend came out and asked if we wanted lemonade. Our secret was out! But they helped us finish. The grandson is the brother of his granddaughter who got baptized and he went to church and scouts with his LDS friend growing up. We invited them to the activity too. It was really inspired. 

On Sunday we had some awkward moments trying to contact people. We randomly met this guy named Guy. haha. He offered us a beer and said 'Just one beer, God will forgive you!" If he only knew that thats not quite how it works. ;) Then we knocked on one door and when we walked away we saw the guy drive by his house staring at us. Then when we left we crossed paths again as he was driving back to his house. Just silly. haha

Have a great week everyone! Love you all!! 

<3 Sister Bishaw 

A Hefer!! 

Little calves!! 

Micah is making a Missionary Pinata!! haha

I held a chicken!

Let me love you!! haha


We're kind of obsessed with picture taking...

Commandment Signs!

We like to take random pics and sister Thomas edits them...


She got 2 cool watches for her birthday!


Cool editing skills

Me wearing Sister Thomas' clothes ;)


Sister Thomas dressed me that day ;)

Oh so bittersweet :/ I go home at EXACTLY 18 months though! Crazy!


Sister Thomas turned 21 on the 7th!! Happy Birthday to her! :) 

Monday, August 5, 2013

This week was awesome! As missions always are.


This week was awesome! As missions always are. :) 

We taught one of our investigators twice. She's been reading from the Book of Mormon and really feels like God is speaking to her. She is still thinking about Baptism but she is studying and she has a really good friend from church. 

We also taught a family where the dad is not LDS and the mom and kids are. We invited him to be baptized and he said that he wants to be fully committed to living the gospel before he does. That's a really good attitude. He said he would pray about a baptism date. And his wife got the job she wanted and finally felt like her prayers were answered! :)

We've been working on planning a talent show for the stake as a finding activity so that's been fun. Pray for us that it goes well!

Love you all!

Sister Bishaw

"Remember that one time I touched a bird?"

Hello Everyone! 

This week was pretty interesting with only working in 3 wards! Our single's ward is still huge though so there is so much work to do! We found a new investigator last Monday! Her name is Liz and her sister-in-law is a member. She just moved here from California. We taught her 3 times this week. She knows that God cares about her because we keep saying things that she says she needed to hear. It's always great when we follow the spirit! 

We have been working hard and seeing small miracles every day! 

Oh and to explain the title, we had this really crazy day where everything wasn't working out. First, we went out to the car to leave for the day and our GPS wasn't in the car! Someone stole it. It was so sad because we borrowed it from someone at church! He wasn't mad though because it was an old one they didn't use. But we still felt bad. You can't trust anyone anymore! We reported it to the police. Then we went out and tried to get around without it and it slowed us down a little. Maybe God wants us to learn the area! But yeah, we knocked on this door and then we saw this bird that was hurt on the ground and Sister Thomas told me to pick it up to save it and I listened to her...The bird freaked out and wouldn't let me catch it. Oh the things that happen...

Have a great week everyone!! Not much time left to write me letters and email me so please do it! :) 

Sister Bishaw

Me pulling potatoes out of the ground!

Me digging up potatoes!

I love potatoes :)


Giant Hay!

The Sharps are so clever! They learned our first names and this is what they put on our bags of cookies. Britney Spears and Princess Di. haha


We went to the ward garden!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

"I love you this big!"


We got transfer calls and Sister Thomas and I are STAYING together!! She is only my second companion that I've stayed more than one transfer with! So that was really good but sadly we had to give up 2 of our wards to other missionaries. And they're wards that we really love and have work in. But it'll be okay. It'll be good to be able to focus more on our other 3 wards. I've never had just 3 wards before so this will be fun! It's an exciting time to be a missionary!

We taught a part-member family this week - The Sharps. They are just the most amazing people. We love them so much! We won't be covering their ward anymore so we're really sad. But we will definitely be at Sister Sharp's baptism no matter what! She is really so sweet and has been so prepared by the Lord. 

I got to go to Kuna for a day! It's really country out there! We drove door a lot of really long dirt driveways! We saw many cows and fields of corn! We met this guy who told us about his farm. He has a mint field and he sells it to Crest to make toothpaste and stuff. There is so much I don't know about farming and it sounds really interesting. 

It was a good week! Thanks for all the support! 

Love you all! and God loves you too! :)

<3 Sister Bishaw

 my attempt at a corn picture. We're going to try again today...

We may or may not have knocked on this door... ;)

We got to take the tassel off the corn! That's sister Taylor. I got to go to Kuna with her for a day!


Monday, July 15, 2013

It's fun to be a Mormon!

Hello Everyone!! 

This week was full of meeting and learning! I went to my first Mission Leadership Council. So there were 8 zone leaders and 2 sister training leaders (me and Sister Armstrong). It was cool to get the inside scoop. There was some changes in clothing standards for the elders. No more backpacks for missionaries. Just side bags. That shocked some Elders but it was given to us by a prophet of God so we'll do it! We were also trained on how to help the members share the gospel with their friends. It was a really confusing role-play because we were missionaries but we were pretending to be members who were pretending to talk to their non-member friend. But it was cool. We taught the leaders of two of our wards how to do role-plays and they all got to practice in ward council. It went really well and I think we all realized how simple it is!

Wednesday we had new missionary training and Friday we had zone meeting. I learned a lot and really felt the spirit. It's always good to get together and encourage each other and get new ideas for how to do missionary work. We also went on exchanges on Friday which was fun. As a Sister Training leader I have to switch with the other sisters weekly and see how they're doing. I go t alot of good ideas from the other sisters. They're doing really well. They asked all of the members they had dinner with to invite a friend to dinner. The lady we had dinner with invited her granddaughter who is not LDS. She asked us a lot of questions and expressed to us that she feels there is something missing in her life and as she gets closer to God, she feels that hole getting smaller. She wants to learn more. It was a cool experience. She has definitely been prepared by the Lord. 


<3 Sister Bishaw

haha. Hipster Bronco Fan. :)

I got this dress for 4 dollars at Idaho Youth Ranch. It's awesome. :)

My new planner! Boise will always be in my heart :)

The back of my new planner!

another picture! This is Ciro, the guy we talked to who was selling strawberries on the corner. He only speaks Spanish! And as you can see, the wind was blowing right at that moment so I look kind of weird...haha

Pictures from  Sister Thomas's camera. Sometimes we're a little weird...

Family and Friends! Thanks for all the support!