Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"It was a neat-o, wild, and crazy week!"

Hello Everyone!

We taught a lot of lessons this week and it was awesome! We met a lot of new people, some interested, others not so much. But we definitely did our part and worked hard! 

Sister Davenport is awesome. She makes me laugh a lot. She is also really brave and great at teaching! We work together well and just try to talk to everyone about the gospel. 

Two of the people we are teaching are preparing for baptism. It's exciting to see how enthusiastic they are about the gospel and how much they are looking forward to their baptisms. They are already inviting people to attend and sharing the gospel with those around them. Sarah wants to learn everything she can. She even bought these old Book of Mormon cartoons on VHS! She said she never walks out the door without reading something from the scriptures. She's just soaking it up and loving it! I can see how much she has changed and she seems so much more at peace. She is constantly turning to the Lord for help. 

It was a great week! Thanks for all the support!!

Sister Bishaw

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