Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"It Will Change Your Life Forever!"

Hello Everyone!!

This week we got a lot done! We had a list of members of the ward that the ward council wants to check on and help come back to church. So we found out a lot of information about those people. One brother we visited said he doesn't want to come back to church but he is interested in playing church ball! So the ward is going to set that up ASAP! 

We started teaching a couple who is friends with a member. They let us in this time and we taught them about the Restoration. The husband is Catholic but he agreed with everything we taught and he agreed that he would read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it is true. He was flipping through it during the lesson and he looked pretty interested in knowing what it's all about. He and his wife just love helping people and are really sweet.

We went to contact someone of that list and the address it had for him ended up being a janitorial supply store! We asked the lady at the desk if this brother was there and she told us he was in Boise and that she was his mom! She told us that he served a mission in Italy and has since stopped going to church. But his parents are getting ready to serve a mission. They know that their family will be blessed as they serve. 

We had stake conference this week! Elder Bowen and Elder Allen of the seventy came to reorganize our stake presidency. Bishop Stephan from the 36th ward is the new stake president! He is a really missionary-minded bishop. He was totally my guess for who it would be! Elder Bowen is awesome! He spoke to us about how to be better member missionaries. He said that his favorite way to do missionary work is to say "Are you a Mormon?" and see what people say. He's had a lot of success doing that! 

Love you all!! Only a few weeks left to write me!!!

<3 Sister Bishaw

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