Monday, November 11, 2013

"I'll miss your smiling face"

Hello Everyone!!

This week went well! Sarah Adams got baptized and it was amazing! The Spirit was so strong. She invited so many people. All her friends from Deseret Industries came. Also two of her neighbors. It was a great turn out. The Bishop spoke and he challenged all those who are not LDS to meet with us (the sister missionaries) and find out for themselves it is true. Bold! Sarah bore her testimony and said that she never leaves the house without reading the scriptures. What a reminder and lesson that is to all of who have been in the church longer. She really is an inspiration and she has been truly converted. She wants to share it with everyone and her excitement about the gospel is contagious!

We had a minor setback this weekend when our phone stopped working! It wouldn't let us make calls or receive calls or texts or anything. It said we were out of range! It was really bad because we went on exchanges that day and we forgot to say where we were going to meet at the end of the night. Sister Davenport also dropped the phone on the front lawn on our way to the car that morning so we didn't even have the phone when we exchanged with the other sisters. When Sister Davenport got back to the house she noticed that the lawn looked like it had been mowed!! But luckily the boy who mowed the lawn found the phone and propped it up on the door. Can you imagine if he ran it over with the lawn mower?! bahahah! It was a miracle that he didn't. But our phone still didn't have service. So eventually Sister Davenport called us from someone else's phone and we told her that we had already driven to Nampa from Kuna so they could just meet us at our house. On Saturday we went to the mission office and they gave us a new phone and we had to go to Sprint to get all the contacts moved over. It was eventful! And while all this was happening we were trying to finalize all the plans for Sarah's baptism! But it all worked out. With prayer it always does.

Love you all!!
Only one of these left! Ahhh!

<3 Sister Bishaw

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