Monday, July 15, 2013

It's fun to be a Mormon!

Hello Everyone!! 

This week was full of meeting and learning! I went to my first Mission Leadership Council. So there were 8 zone leaders and 2 sister training leaders (me and Sister Armstrong). It was cool to get the inside scoop. There was some changes in clothing standards for the elders. No more backpacks for missionaries. Just side bags. That shocked some Elders but it was given to us by a prophet of God so we'll do it! We were also trained on how to help the members share the gospel with their friends. It was a really confusing role-play because we were missionaries but we were pretending to be members who were pretending to talk to their non-member friend. But it was cool. We taught the leaders of two of our wards how to do role-plays and they all got to practice in ward council. It went really well and I think we all realized how simple it is!

Wednesday we had new missionary training and Friday we had zone meeting. I learned a lot and really felt the spirit. It's always good to get together and encourage each other and get new ideas for how to do missionary work. We also went on exchanges on Friday which was fun. As a Sister Training leader I have to switch with the other sisters weekly and see how they're doing. I go t alot of good ideas from the other sisters. They're doing really well. They asked all of the members they had dinner with to invite a friend to dinner. The lady we had dinner with invited her granddaughter who is not LDS. She asked us a lot of questions and expressed to us that she feels there is something missing in her life and as she gets closer to God, she feels that hole getting smaller. She wants to learn more. It was a cool experience. She has definitely been prepared by the Lord. 


<3 Sister Bishaw

haha. Hipster Bronco Fan. :)

I got this dress for 4 dollars at Idaho Youth Ranch. It's awesome. :)

My new planner! Boise will always be in my heart :)

The back of my new planner!

another picture! This is Ciro, the guy we talked to who was selling strawberries on the corner. He only speaks Spanish! And as you can see, the wind was blowing right at that moment so I look kind of weird...haha

Pictures from  Sister Thomas's camera. Sometimes we're a little weird...

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