Monday, July 8, 2013

"There is no growth in comfort and there is no comfort in growth."


We had some small but amazing miracles happen this week despite all the heat! On Tuesday we went to contact a Relief Society sister that the Relief Society President did not know. We knocked on the door and asked if the lady who answered was the one we were looking for and she said no but her name was Tamara. She let us in and we met her friend Jim. They were really funny and asked us lots of questions about Mormons. We gave them a Book of Mormon and invited them to read from it. On Wednesday we were going to contact this lady and on the way to her door we saw a car backing up next to us. Turns out it was a less active member who wanted to say hi to us! He said the sisters had come by recently (the ones before us) and that we can visit him and his wife as well. We learned later that he got baptized when he was about 10. He lived across the street from an LDS family and he looked at them and just thought that they had everything and he wanted what they had. So he asked his mom if he could get baptized and she let him. He stopped going to church in his teens probably and got into some trouble. Now he is married with kids and he wants to start coming back to church. He has an LDS neighbor who he introduced us to. And then he came to church on Sunday. Pretty cool! On Thursday we got to go help teach Ciro - the Hispanic man that we met on the corner when he was selling strawberries. We introduced him to the Spanish Sisters and then we walked to the park for the lesson. We didn't realize that the park was a half hour walk away though. It was pretty funny. He asked if we wanted a drink at the convenience store that we saw on the way there. But the lesson went really well and it was the first real lesson on my mission that I taught in Spanish. Ciro doesn't know a lot of about God. He says he's Catholic but he doesn't know much about it and he doesn't go to church. We taught him how to pray and then he prayed at the end of the lesson. It took a little time for him to get the courage but he prayed and it was beautiful. In his prayer he told God that he wants to know more. So that was pretty exciting! On the 4th of July we had to be home by 7 so no partying or fireworks for us! We sure did hear them all night though! haha. On Friday a member who signed up for dinner invited her friend who is Catholic. It was really cool to get to know her friend. We shared a Mormon Message that really brought the Spirit. The two women are best friends and they both rely heavily on God. Her friend isn't interested in taking lessons right now but she has a lot of LDS friends. We had interviews with the new President Cannon this week. He is just as sweet as the old one. He reassured me that the Lord accepts the work I am doing and that I am doing enough. Sometimes it feels like I can always be doing more or always doing something better. Which is true, but I don't have to feel like what I am doing isn't good enough. Because I am doing a lot of good things. I watched a Mormon Message today by Elder Nelson. He said, "Perfection won't come in this life, only in the next. Don't demand of yourself things that are unreasonable, but demand of yourself improvement." Not really an exact quote but that really helped me because I just won't be perfect at everything right away, but the fact that I am trying is enough for God. On Sunday we had a cool experience where we had 20 minutes before dinner. We decided to go visit this young single adult who we weren't sure if she is active or not. We figured we'd have to drive about 6 minutes to her house and then we'd have to drive back to where we were because that's the ward dinner was in. She answered the door and we shared a scripture with her. I really just flipped to what I thought was a random scripture but when I looked up from reading it, she was crying. I asked her if she was ok and she said that it's just been a hard week for her. I know that the Lord knows all of His children personally and that He knows what they need and as we are open to His spirit he will guide and let us know what we can do to help those around us. God really does use us to answer each other's prayers and it brings us closer to Him and closer to each other. 

Thanks for the all the support! Love you all! 

<3 Sister Bishaw

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