Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"That's so cruff"

Hello Everyone!
So something really exciting that happened today was that all the computers shut off at the same time in the Family History center. So we are at the Nampa Public Library now. Pretty crazy.
We had a good week. We're really trying to get to know the members and see who the sisters were teaching before. We had a lot of appointments cancel or and 1 person not want to be taught anymore so it was a little rough. We're working on being more postive though! We really do see miracles every day. Yesterday we left a book of mormon at this man's door because someone referred him and he hadn't answered the door yet. Sister Thomas felt inspired to leave a Book of Mormon this time. When we got home we got a call from a lady who lived where we left the Book of Mormon. We tried to explain why we left it but she got a little upset. I think she thought we had some bad motives like wanting personal information about them or something. But we said sorry. So we felt kind of bad after that because we thought we were being inspired. I think we still were. Maybe that was the only way we would have found out that they were not interested. and like 2 minutes after she hung up the same lady called back and apologied for sounding rude. Maybe we were all supposed to learn something about forgiveness and humility. I am learning that you sometimes will never know why the Lord asked you to do something, but you can be comforted that he did ask you and one day you will know. And that sometimes we don't see the fruits of our labors but that doesn't mean we're doing a bad job.
On wednesday we met this girl Brianna who is friends with a LDS family. She said she had been to church before and that she wants to go back and take the discussions again. We made an appointment for the next day at the member family's house and Brianna never showed up. But we ended up talking to one of the sons who doesn't go to church anymore and who recently got out of jail. We were able to encourage him to go to chuch and change his life. He expressed to us that he wants to just be a normal person and go to school and stuff. But he has these addictions that control him. We testified that Christ can help him overcome those things. It's really cool to see that the Lord knows who needs us most and that we just need to be open to our schedule changing. The Lord puts us where we need to be in his time.
Thanks for everything everyone! Love you all!
Sister Bishaw

Sister Halaapiapi and I at the temple!

Our district at the temple!

The Zone at Lani's!

The Spanish elders again

My new companion Sister Thomas!

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