Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Me gusta el libro"

Hello From Nampa!
This week was crazy at first but it was great! I got my new companion on Wednesday. Her name is Sister Thomas. She is from San Bernardino California. She was in the MTC for a week and a half. She instantly got transferred to the Nampa Mission the day after she got here. She's on fire. She came pre-trained. She felt inspired to talk to this guy on the corner who was selling strawberries. He looked hispanic and Spanish is her first language but she hasn't spoken it in a long time. So we talked to him in our broken Spanish and gave him a book of Mormon in Spanish. We only had 8 dollars so he ended up giving us half his box of strawberries for eight dollars instead of 10. I got to use some of my Spanish and when Sister Thomas couldn't remember a word, I knew how to say it and when I didn't understand him because he was talking too fast, she understood. And we were really unprepared and didn't have a pen so we put our number in his phone and he actually called us yesterday and said "Me gusta el libro"! Miracle!
We've talked to a lot of single moms too and were able to share with them how the gospel can help them. And it's just good to be able to befriend people who are struggling. 
The broadcast about missionary work yesterday was amazing. I'm so excited for more missionaries to come out and for the work to hasten! There is so much to do. 
Love you all!
Sister Bishaw


Sister Healy!

All the trainers!

Los elderes!

Deo and his family! I will miss them!

Holding up church materials! haha

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