Monday, June 17, 2013

Me: "Who's your favorite superhero?" Sister Halaapiapi: "Justin Bieber." Me: "bahaha"


So today is transfer day! My fate was decided on Saturday. I will be serving in the....


Which means there is a new address to send things too. It is...

1008 W. Sanetta
Nampa, ID 83651

I'm sad to leave all the people that I love in Boise, but I'm excited to go to Nampa. I will be training a new missionary. This will be the 3rd time in a row. I've done the first 6 weeks of the 12 week program twice so far and apparently I'm just not getting it so I need to do it again. I'm really curious about what happens in those last six weeks though. haha. I will also be a sister training leader. Because so many sisters are coming out they created a new assignment, which is a leader for the sisters. So I just help the sisters if they need anything and I go on exchanges every week. Should be exciting!

This past week was fun. I miss Sister Hala'api'api because she is so funny (see the title of this email). She went to Caldwell, ID though so we'll be right next to each other! We went to a couple ward BBQ's. One was a pig roast but I didn't see a pig! I was kind of sad. But we got to participate in the cast iron pan throwing contest. It was so funny. I'll send pictures next week!

Love you all! And thanks to everyone who emailed me this week! I really appreciate it!

<3 Sister Bishaw

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