Monday, August 5, 2013

"Remember that one time I touched a bird?"

Hello Everyone! 

This week was pretty interesting with only working in 3 wards! Our single's ward is still huge though so there is so much work to do! We found a new investigator last Monday! Her name is Liz and her sister-in-law is a member. She just moved here from California. We taught her 3 times this week. She knows that God cares about her because we keep saying things that she says she needed to hear. It's always great when we follow the spirit! 

We have been working hard and seeing small miracles every day! 

Oh and to explain the title, we had this really crazy day where everything wasn't working out. First, we went out to the car to leave for the day and our GPS wasn't in the car! Someone stole it. It was so sad because we borrowed it from someone at church! He wasn't mad though because it was an old one they didn't use. But we still felt bad. You can't trust anyone anymore! We reported it to the police. Then we went out and tried to get around without it and it slowed us down a little. Maybe God wants us to learn the area! But yeah, we knocked on this door and then we saw this bird that was hurt on the ground and Sister Thomas told me to pick it up to save it and I listened to her...The bird freaked out and wouldn't let me catch it. Oh the things that happen...

Have a great week everyone!! Not much time left to write me letters and email me so please do it! :) 

Sister Bishaw

Me pulling potatoes out of the ground!

Me digging up potatoes!

I love potatoes :)


Giant Hay!

The Sharps are so clever! They learned our first names and this is what they put on our bags of cookies. Britney Spears and Princess Di. haha


We went to the ward garden!

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