Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"And stuff like that..."

Hello Everyone!! 

This week was fun. We had two big meetings! I found out that our mission will eventually have 80 sisters and 120 Elders! Exciting! Missionaries will be everywhere! 

We met saw this lady named Linda again on Monday and we met her animals! She has a ferret and birds and a dog. When she said the prayer before we left she thanked God for sending us because "she really needed that." Those moments make it all worth it! 

One of our investigators went back to California this week. We miss her and hope she is doing okay. She left in a bit of a hurry and there was a lot of drama happening in her life. 

Sister Thomas turned 21 on the 7th! We helped Micah make her missionary pinata. That was fun. 

On Thursday we got to meet some Donkeys and cows! I feel more and more country every day! And on Friday we met LOTS of cows and goats and chickens! 

On Saturday we did a lot of service. A few weeks ago we met this man named Issac. We turned around in his driveway and didn't realize he was standing outside. So we talked to him. He said his granddaughter is LDS but he wasn't interested. We went by again to invite him to an activity and he was really nice and we even gave him a pamphlet! Then on Saturday we came over and just started weeding his garden without asking him. It was pretty funny because after a while his grandson and his friend came out and asked if we wanted lemonade. Our secret was out! But they helped us finish. The grandson is the brother of his granddaughter who got baptized and he went to church and scouts with his LDS friend growing up. We invited them to the activity too. It was really inspired. 

On Sunday we had some awkward moments trying to contact people. We randomly met this guy named Guy. haha. He offered us a beer and said 'Just one beer, God will forgive you!" If he only knew that thats not quite how it works. ;) Then we knocked on one door and when we walked away we saw the guy drive by his house staring at us. Then when we left we crossed paths again as he was driving back to his house. Just silly. haha

Have a great week everyone! Love you all!! 

<3 Sister Bishaw 

A Hefer!! 

Little calves!! 

Micah is making a Missionary Pinata!! haha

I held a chicken!

Let me love you!! haha


We're kind of obsessed with picture taking...

Commandment Signs!

We like to take random pics and sister Thomas edits them...


She got 2 cool watches for her birthday!


Cool editing skills

Me wearing Sister Thomas' clothes ;)


Sister Thomas dressed me that day ;)

Oh so bittersweet :/ I go home at EXACTLY 18 months though! Crazy!


Sister Thomas turned 21 on the 7th!! Happy Birthday to her! :) 

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