Sunday, September 29, 2013

"There is a reason the Lord called me English-Speaking..."

Hola Amigos!! 

We went on two exchanges this week and with both of them I had to go to a Spanish area! I was definitely humbled by the Lord. There is a reason he called me English-Speaking. I realized that I can't understand Spanish unless I am talking to someone who speaks it the way I do - aka like a Gringa. haha. It was a learning experience though. I shared some scriptures in Spanish. A lot of people spoke Spanglish anyway. We helped this lady hang her wet clothes in her apple tree!
We had an awesome week teaching-wise! We started teaching 5 new people. The members here are on fire. We don't even have to ask for referrals, they just give them to us! We started teaching this couple that has had a rough life. Their neighbors are members and they were present at the lesson. It works so much better when a member friend can testify of what the restoration of the gospel has done for them. The spirit was so strong and when I recited the first vision (Joseph Smith's experience when he prayed to know which church was right) the wife got chills and I know she felt the spirit. I know I felt it too and I can never deny that. I know that this is Christ's church reestablished on the earth. I know that this family has been prepared by the Lord to receive the gospel. The Lord's timing is so perfect and he is aware of all of his children. As we turn to Him, he will put us where we need to be. 

I love you all!!! Only two months left to write me!! Hurry! ;) 

<3 Sister Bishaw

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