Sunday, September 29, 2013

"And there shall be a great hailstorm sent forth to destroy the crops of the earth."

Hello from the unpredictable land of Idaho!!

On Thursday there was a crazy hailstorm! It came out of nowhere! It didn't last very long but a lot of crops were ruined. Poor farmers! We were stuck on someone's doorstep. They weren't home but by the time we turned around to go back to the car, it was hailing! It was pretty funny. At least we weren't on bikes!

We also got to meet a hedgehog! This one brother paid 300 dollars for one! It was SO cute, but pretty pokey! We've been getting to know the members in this area and learning where everything is. There are a lot of number streets in this area and it's a little confusing, but we're learning. Everyone here is really missionary-minded and many of them share the gospel often. One Bishop stood us up twice by accident but he's really cool so we won't hold it against him! haha. We went to a baptism and a wedding this weekend! The Baptism was in Kuna (where Sister Armstrong used to serve) and the wedding was in our area. They are a Hispanic couple. He doesn't speak much English so the Bishop translated a lot of it. His wife is LDS and he is not but he's interested in learning! His wife was crying and shaking through the whole thing! So sweet!

The Elders were teaching this awesome lady. We feel blessed to be able to teach her now. She has so much faith even though she's been through so much. Her "grams" was LDS and she trusts her judgment. She said her grams told her if she ever needed help to go to the LDS church. When she was in an abusive relationship and feeling lower than low she walked by an LDS church and remembered the words of her grams. She walked in and talked to the Bishop. Now she is working hard to quit smoking because she really wants to be baptized and have a church family. It's amazing to see what the Savior can do for people when they turn to Him. He really can heal us. "Yea, my soul was filled with joy as exceeding as was my pain!" (Alma 36:20). 

Love you all!! Prayers and letters are appreciated!! 

<3 Sister Bishaw

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