Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First Week in the MTC

Hey Friends, Family, and Everyone!
I'm really enjoying the MTC! I have 2 companions. Sister Dickey and Sister Watson. We're all going to Boise! My whole district is. There are six elders and us 3 sisters in my district and we all go to class and everything together! The Elders are going to Boise too, so we'll all leave the MTC together in 2 weeks!
The first few days at the MTC we're really tough. It was a lot of new things all at once and teaching was kind of scary for me at first. I think I get more nervous about role-playing than I do about teaching actual investigators. But I am totally getting better it at! It feels like I've been at the MTC for like a month because of how busy we are all the time. I am learning so much about how to really care about people and treat them like Christ would. It's awesome! My teachers are great. They really want to help us help other people in the best way possible. At first, being in a trio was hard for me but now I am getting better at teaching in a trio and we are getting more united in out teaching!
There are only 3 sisters in our branch (like a ward but smaller), but tonight I get to welcome 4 new sisters into our branch! I'm really excited to meet them!
I'm growing a lot and learning a lot. I'm grateful for this opportunity I have to really stretch myself and become better.
Today I wrote lots of letters and went to the temple and now I'm waiting for my laundry to be done!
Basically, at the MTC we go to class, study the scriptures, plan lessons to teach, teach people, eat, go to the gym, and sleep 8 hours a night!
I hope everyone is doing well! I love you all!
Pictures to come next week if I can figure out how to get them on this computer! 
Thanks for all the love and letters!
Shouts Outs:
-Nathan and Matlock - Thanks for writing me!! Sent out some quick letters today!
-Ben Carlson - Thanks for writing me too! I'll write you back soon (hopefully later todfay)!
-Family! I love you!!
-Rees's - Thanks for the pictures! Tell Kinsey and Addie I miss them!
Much love!
Sister Brittany Nicole Bishaw
Idaho Boise Mission

MTC Address (23 May 2012 - 12 June 2012)
Sister Brittany Nicole Bishaw
MTC Mailbox # 136
ID-BOI 0612
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Mission Home Address for Sending Letter and Packages after June 12th:
Sister Brittany Nicole Bishaw 
Idaho Boise Mission
1111 S Cole Rd
Boise, ID 83709

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