Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Do you have any extra toilet paper?"

Hey guys!
Everything is well here. I don't have too many awesome stories to report this week but here we go.
On Tuesday we happened to run into Jen and Rob again (not sure if I told you about them already...). We helped them move out last week, but then on Sunday we stopped by their apartment to see if they were still there and they were! We prayed with them and for them. They haven't found anywhere to live and at the moment we don't know where they are. We really hope they come to church soon, because we know the gospel can really bless them.
On Wednesday we went around visiting members in the Meridian 5th ward and at one person's house the lady really wanted help us. She said "Please if you need anything please let me know." So we were like "Well....we do have a questioon. Do you have any extra toilet paper." hahah It was really embarassing! But the poor lady went around looking and she only found 2 rolls of toilet paper and then she asked us if she could run to Walgreens and go get some for us. And we were like No no no, but then she did and she left it on her porch for us to get later. The members are awesome!
We went to a funeral on Thursday for a man in one of our wards who died at 55 from a brain tumor. It was really sad. I was crying even though I didn't know him. I'm getting really in touch with my emotions lately. The lady we live with sand at the funeral. The man was remembered for being someone who would do anything to help others. It was really cool to see what people said about him and then think of what people might say about me some day.
After the funeral we were walking to see someone and we stopped because these 2 guys were picking apricots off a tree near the church! One was from the Ukraine and he works at the high school. He said he know a lot of LDS people and a lot of them who speak Russian (Return missionaries ;)). He sang "How Great Thou Art" to us in Russian and it was amazing! We also ate some apricots off the tree!
The couple we lived with made these huge and heavy curtains for their daughter who lives in Utah and we helped them fold them up last night and it was comical because they kept coming unfolded and it took us a while to do it. You probably had to be there.
We have a baptism on Saturday! It's for the guy who just moved here from Texas and got the lessons there. He's totally ready to be baptized and it's really exciting to see him make this commitment and promise with his Heavenly Father.
We also found a new person to teach yesterday! We went to visit a less-active young single adult and her boyfriend is not LDS and he is interested in learning more! The less-active girl has a 3 year old daughter and just by looking at them I could tell that they would be sealed in the temple some day. The Lord truly cares about all of his children more than we can comprehend.
Today we played sand volleyball for P-day and guess who was there?? My good friend Nathan Jackson! It was pretty funny. The Elders in his ward are in my district and so after talking a little they figured out that he knew me and then invited him to volleyball. Of all the missions and areas in this mission I get called to the same city that Nate lives in! Crazy!
Well, that's mostly all the interesting stuff that happened this week! I love you all and I am so grateful for all your support!!
Stay classy!
Sister B
C.S. Lewis quotes of the week (Courtesy of Brother Coates - thanks by the way!)
1. "Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something to forgive."
2. "One road leads home and a thousand roads lead into the wilderness." 
3. "God allows us to ecperience the low points of life in order to teach us lessons that we could learn in no other way."
4. "God doesn't want something from us. He simply wants us." 
Shout Outs!
-Thanks to Andrew, Hermana Collazos, and anyone else who wrote me!
-Tommy you should write me or send me your blog posts of something!!
-Miken I love you and I'm not sure why you don't just live in Idaho like everyone else! ;)

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