Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Dropping like Corn"

Hello Everyone!!

First of All, everyone should go on youtube and look up the Mormon Message called "Forgiveness: My burden was made light." We watched it to prepare for a lesson and it was amazing. If we love as the Savior does, our burdens of anger and sadness can be lifted. I can't even explain it that well, you just have to watch it!

Sister Chadderton made up the most amazing Chaddertonism ever this week. We were talking with a member about how people die in threes and she said "Yeah, they were dropping like corn." We all took a moment to think about corn dropping and then when we confirmed to ourselves that it didn't make sense and we all started laughing. Good times! 

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting. If you don't know what that is, it's when we fast and pray for something or for someone else's well being and then in church anyone who wants to can get up and talk to the congregation about what they know to be true about Jesus Christ and His gospel and how they know it. My favorite testimony was given by a 12 year old boy in one of our wards. He started by saying "I've really been thinking about the Atonement lately." What an amazing young man! He said that he just couldn't even understand how one person, Jesus Christ, could suffer for everyone's sins and pains. And he's totally right, we can't comprehend what Jesus Christ did for us. But we can accept his suffering by doing everything we can to make things right and changing by choosing to follow Christ's example. We can understand how the Atonement works by repenting and receiving forgiveness through the Spirit. I'm starting to realize this is sounding a little heavy here. But it's just so amazing that because of Christ's love for us, we can change and become better and progress and not be weighed down forever by our mistakes and by the mistakes of others that affect us. I don't know how it works exactly but I know that it does. 

On Thursday night we went to our Young Single Adult Ward's sports night. They play outdoor volleyball and ultimate frisbee at a high school. We were planning on going, but we weren't sure if we were going to play or not because it's a rule in our mission that we can only play sports on preparation-day, so once a week. We were discussing it on the way up there and we were kind of going to just see how we felt. If we felt bad, then we wouldn't play. But we didn't even make it to the volleyball courts! Breanna, a member of the YSA ward was sitting down because she was tired from playing frisbee and she called us over to her so we went and talked to her. We ended up sitting down with her the whole time. Eventually two of her friends came and sat down with us and we all started talking. Turns out, both of her friends are not LDS! They didn't know anything about missionaries so we told them about what we do. It was really cool to get to know them. We were definitely blessed for keeping the rules! Obedience brings miracles!

Saturday was a pretty crazy morning for us. We went to visit the 11 year old girl who has been preparing for baptism and her mom told us that she was diagnosed with personality disorder. Everything bad happens to this family! She was abused as a child and she is experiencing a lot of negative effects from that. She can't feel anything because she doesn't want to feel and she doesn't want to remember. She has huge mood swings and then can't explain why she was upset. Her mom said she may have to go into a home if they can't get it under control. It's all really sad. But her mom said we should set a baptism date because her daughter needs something to be excited about. But then the 11 year old said that she wanted to get baptized in Pocatello this week so her mom's family could be there. So we had to rush organize a baptism for Thursday in another mission! It all worked out though. We got the Elders to interview her right then and we filled out the baptismal form and called the Bishop in Pocatello. So we're excited that she's getting baptized! But for everything else we can only pray for them and be there to support them. 

After that we went to our first baptism as companions! It was kind of hard to smile after our morning but the baptism went beautifully! Her name is Ashlee and she's 20. I love going to baptism, because the spirit is so strong. It's just a happy day! God and Jesus Christ are so happy when we choose to follow them! Then on Sunday we got to see Ashlee receive the gift of the Holy Ghost! And today she texted us and told us that she feels like she is on cloud nine and so happy all the time! She said she was worrying about getting enough hours for her job and then she got a call that she got a full-time position! The Lord blesses us so much when we are doing out best to live worthy of his spirit. 

Also on Sunday, Sister Chadderton followed a spiritual impression. We got back to the car that we left at the church and she felt like we should walk around the church one more time but she didn't know why. So we went and we found one of our YSA friends in the chapel by herself crying a little. So we talked her for a little bit and she said she felt better. That would have been sad if we hadn't gone back in. 

Well, those are the highlights from this week! I love being a missionary even though it's hard sometimes. 


Sister B 

Shout Outs!! 
-Thank you Mom for writing me and sending me a package!
-Thanks to Elder T and Nathan for writing me!
-Thanks to anyone else who wrote me! 
-Shelby Campbell, Felicia Jones, and Alison Holm I met Elder Cofed today playing volleyball! 

1. Package from Mom!
2. Ashlee before she got baptized! :) 
3. Craige's birthday lesson! 
4. Brownie/Cookies (mixing those 2 mixes together rocks! try it!) we made for Craige.
5. All the sisters who have taught Ashlee! 

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