Monday, February 4, 2013

When will the Lord come again? "Probably during the Super Bowl" -President Joseph Fielding Smith"


This last week was full of awesome things!

On P-day we finally got to play volleyball! There were at least 50 missionaries there. We had 2 courts and 8 teams and we'd take turns. It was really fun. Oh, and we had a miracle happen. So we went to Winco before we played volleyball and we met a member couple there who have a grandson serving in Taiwan. They said they can't send him things very often so they wanted to help us. So they gave us $20 and said "go buy something fun." What nice people! We decided that muffins were fun. They we just put all our groceries together, had them take off the $20 and then split the rest. We ended up only have to spend 12 dollars each on groceries! We got 14 cents back. Now, that is significant because after that we decided to use my Burger King gift card which has $10 on it and our order came out to $10.14! I love when things work out like that. :) 

On Tuesday we went to the Boise Temple! That always boosts me up spiritually! It's so peaceful there. After that we met this lady who served in WWII. She had awesome stories and she looks so good for her age! 

At dinner on Thursday there was a kid there who lives in my old area but is friends with a kid in my new area. My areas are so close that I see people from my old ones all the time! The kid's name is Ammon and he told this story about when he was on the track team and he ran the 800 and he got last place every time. Except one time he "almost got second to last." bahaha We thought he was going to say he almost got first. 

This week was full of apostles! We got to hear from Elder Ballard and Elder Christofferson on Saturday. They spoke to the missionaries and they took the time to shake everyone's hand! We also heard from a member of the presiding bishopric and from 3 seventies. We got to sit up front because we're sisters. It was cool to be so close to them! The spirit was so strong. They counseled us to turn our missions over to the Lord. On Sunday we got to hear from Elder Ballard again at the Boise South Stake Conference. He challenged us to look at our lives and see if anything is amiss and fix it now. He said, "There's no time to wast time." 

Please pray for the people we are teaching! A lot of them have been sick lately. Thanks!

Love you all! Have a great week! Please write me if you can! 1111 S. Cole Rd Boise, ID 83709. 

Sister Bishaw 



Me being Sister Anderson at the capitol building. I bet you didn't know my previous comp was a senator! 

We pretty much run the place ;)

She's a pretty cool leader :) 


They let us sit in their seats! It's the people's house :) 

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