Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life is Good

Hello Everyone!

So, last Monday we went to Goodwill and Deseret Industries to find cheap but awesome clothing. I ended up getting a BSU T-shirt (My 1st one ever- I'm pretty much a local now ;)) and a dress with butterflies on it! (See Pictures). It was really exciting. Again, you might have had to be there. :) 

We had District Meeting on Tuesday this week because there was Leadership training on Friday. We went to a place called Souper Salad. All 8 of us missionaries walked in and this lady came up to us and gave us a coupon so we could all get the Buffet for like 5 dollars. She said that she's not even LDS but she thinks we do great work. People are so nice! 

One of our investigators turned 19 on Tuesday so we had cake and ice cream with him! And that night we went on splits with 2 young single adult sisters and went to find the people who are supposed to be in the YSA ward but don't come to church. That was fun. 

On Wednesday we went to visit a less-active member who is struggling with some things right now. We just asked her why she stopped coming to church and she said "I don't know, I could give you some excused but they aren't very good." It was also another one of those times where all our appointments for the night fell through and we prayed about where to go and both of us thought of this sister. We went to see her and she was like "How did you know I needed you to come by?" The Spirit! :) 

On Thursday we went on exchanges because Sister Chadderton had to go to leadership training. I was with Sister Lee who is from Korea. She can teach the gospel in English is the simplest way. It's amazing! So we had a good time together. 

Saturday we went to 2 baptisms to support missionaries in our district. It's a beautiful thing to see someone make that covenant to follow Jesus Christ. And on Sunday we went to 6 solid hours of church and it was awesome. Then we had dinner with our parents away from our parents - Mama and Papa Webb. :) 

Life is good and I can feel all of your prayers! Thank you so much!

Love you all!!

-Sister B

Shout Outs! 
-TOMMY!! My parents told me they saw you! We're still friends even though you haven't written me ;) 
-Thanks for the Letter and Postcard Elder T! 

1. Butterfly dress!

2. Me and my beautiful comp!

3. A donkey that looks like the one from Shrek! It was the best picture I could get because it was so far away! 

P.S. I don't know if I have already written this or not, but there is a girl in the YSA ward who is from Rhode Island! She has an awesome accent and she is a legit Red Sox fan, like she watches all the games and knows all the players. She's like a little piece of home in ID! It's so cool. :) 

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