Monday, August 27, 2012

"Don't Cry for Me Argentina."

Hello All!

Last Monday was really fun!! We played volleyball indoors and then we went bowling! It was exciting. 

On Tuesday Sister Chadderton was not feeling well so we asked a member to go out to our appointments with me and Sister Chadderton stayed home with the lady we live with. It was sad because she just slept all day and she said it was really boring. She has a doctor's appointment this week to find out what is wrong because she feels nauseous all the time. Prayers would be appreciated!

But that day we went to see one of our recent converts who is 11. She reenacted the whole first lesson we teach about Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ with stuffed animals! Joseph Smith was a pig stuffed animal and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ were bears and the Bible was a little book of post-its. bahahaha. It was really funny and awesome that she could pretty much teach the whole lesson to us. 

On Wednesday night we visited one of our investigators who has not been progressing very much and asked him a lot of questions about how he feels about everything. We asked his girlfriend how she felt about the temple. She said it has always been a goal of hers to get there but it's always been unreachable. So our investigator is now praying more sincerely about if the LDS church is Christ's restored church on the earth. It's exciting. 

Thursday we spent the whole morning planning for this coming week. We planned with the Boise sisters because this week we are in a trio with Sister Anderson from Atlanta, GA! Her companion, Sister Hutch, is now on her way to Argentina, because she finally got her Visa to go to the mission she was originally assigned to. She got reassigned to Boise and she's been her for 6 months. So she was freaking out about going -excited but nervous and sad to leave. So that's why the title of this e-mail is "Don't Cry for me Argentina" because we kept singing that to her. Good times. And Sister Anderson is with us this week and we are covering 2 areas - Boise North and Meridian South. So this week will be CRAZY! But Sister A is really cool :). We're also going on exchanges tonight so I will be going to Nyssa, Oregon for a day! New experiences are fun! 

On Friday we took the kids of a less-active to go get snow cones. Their family is struggling financially so we could tell they just needed to get out and do something fun. I love being on a mission because even if we're not teaching people we can lift people up and remind them that God loves them. 

That night at dinner we shared a message (Video - and the dad told us what I think is a really genius idea. He said "When someone knows we did something for them, who do they thank? Us. When they don't know it was us, who do they thank? God." Anonymous service is the coolest thing! Because you don't get the credit, God who has really given us everything gets it, which is how it should be. 

We had a cool "in the right place at the right time" experience on Saturday. We tried some people in an apartment complex but they weren't there so Sister Chadderton said we should just take a walk around the complex (inspired!) and so we did and we ran into our friend Missy who has been working like crazy because she lost a lot of money and she told us she got an interview for a job she really wants and that will allow her to work less hours. It was perfect because Sister Chadderton studied human resources in college so she gave her all these tips for how to do well in an interview. Missy is also struggling with forgiving people that have hurt her and letting things go, which Sister Chadderton just recently has realized she needs to do as well. So we were totally meant to be there that night. God loves all of His children individually!

And Sunday was the 7 year anniversary of my baptism! :) 

So it was a good week! Thanks for all the support you all give me! I love you all! 

Transfers are next Monday so we'll see if I stay in Meridian or go somewhere else! So if you are sending me a letter on Thursday or later please send it to the mission office address.

Much Love from Meridian!
Sister B 

Shout Out!
-SCITUATE WARD! I love you all! Thanks for all your support! 
-Happy Birthday to anyone who had a birthday last week! 

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