Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nerf Wards, Farm Fresh Eggs, and a New Comp!

Hello Everyone! 

So here's the transfer news....dun dun dun...I am staying in Meridian! So mail can be sent to that address still. Sister Chadderton has been tranfered to Middleton. So my trainer has left me. :( I am with sister Hamilton now. She is from Salt Lake and she is Tongan and Samoan. So I still have a Polynesian companion! :) She's awesome and we're already having fun :) 

Last Monday our P-day activity was playing nerd wars! It was exciting. The Elder have a bunch of PVC pipes that are spray-painted with names on them like "the Hulk" and "the Bronkinator." It was pretty funny. 

That night I went to Nyssa, Oregon! Crossing state lines! We did exchanges with those sisters. I drove an hour and a half to Nyssa - lucky I didn't fall asleep! lol. It is way more country in Nyssa. The car windowshield get COVERED in dead bugs and we got farm fresh eggs for free and lots of vegetables. It was great. My favorite part was when we visited this man named Art who has been going to church and studying everything he can and he knows it's right and even though his family has been rude to him since he started going to the lds church, he knows he is following God so he keeps going. He has a strong testimony of the truth that can't be shaken. It was awesome to see that. 

We had 2 district meetings and 2 zone meetings this week because we were covering Boise and Meridian. It was crazy but awesome! We were going back and forth from Boise to Meridian all week. Sister Anderson is awesome and we all had WAY too much fun being in a trio. We also realized that our initials spell A, B, C - Anderson, Bishaw, Chadderton. So we tried to always stand and sit in that order. haha

Friday was the BSU vs. Michigan state game and somehow we ended up on the road when everyone was trying to get home for it so it was crazy. People are hardcore fans out here. I wish I could have worn my BSU shirt! :) 

Once we found out Sister Chadderton was leaving the weekend was full of goodbyes and errands (there aren't many stores where she is going). 

We saw Dan again this week who has a baptism date for the 14th of September. Everything is pretty much all set for it except we have a few more things to discuss with him. We also found out that he is not legally married to his wife. They need to be married before he gets baptized so the Bishop is going to marry them this Friday! So we get to go to a wedding and a baptism! We're excited!

Those are pretty much all the highlights. Thanks to everyone who wrote me this week! I love hearing about how everyone is doing! Thanks for all your love and support! 

Love you all!
-Sister B 

I painted my nails crazy colors. haha

The District...3 ;) 

Zone Picture!

The Trio! A, B, C...easy as 1, 2, 3


Yes, again. 

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