Monday, September 17, 2012

"Hey, Do You Wanna Come to Our Party?"

Hello All!!

I saw a lot of miracles this week! The first was on Friday when President Cannon called us and told us that Anthony's baptism has been approved by the first Presidency! He'll be getting baptized this coming Saturday! After President called us we ran over to Anthony's and told him and he was SO happy that he ran down the street to tell Brother Hunt! I know that everything happens in the Lord's time, because God knows when we're ready better than we do. 

On Friday Dan was baptized and it was a wonderful experience! Sister Chadderton came back to Meridian for it and so did Sister Howard so there were 8 sisters there because they are both in trios. It was awesome to see Dan make the step of baptism that will eventually lead him to the temple. He is so committed to do anything Heavenly Father asks him to. He's a great example. 

On Sunday we spoke in a single adult ward in Boise that the Elders actually cover, but the people we live with asked us to speak there to fill in for someone who was out of town. We spoke about missionary work. I talked about why I decided to go on a mission and my conversion story. It was a miracle because our talks worked together really well and I don't remember a lot of what I said, but people came up to us after and said it was exactly what they needed to hear. One lady even started crying when she came up to me. And one guy said he was coming back to church after being excommunicated and we said what he needed to hear as well. And the crying lady pointed out a girl in the ward who is not a member and when I saw her I realized that I had been making eye contact with her during my talk and she kept nodding in agreement with what I said. So I know it truly wasn't me, it was the spirit and because I prayed that my talk would help those it was meant to, it did. 

Also on Sunday, we had dinner with a family in which the mom is recently divorced. She has 4 children and we planned to come over for dinner to give them all a little encouragement because both Sister Hamilton and I have divorced parents. It was such a good experience. We talked about having faith through our trials and the spirit was really strong. The kids were a lot happier when we left than when we got there so that was awesome. The Lord truly loves all of his children and it's cool that he can bless them through us and his spirit. 

We also had sisters conference on Thursday! All 21 sisters were together! It was a really spiritual experience and just awesome to see all the sisters. We're so spread out that we don't get to see each other that often. We were also given more information about the temple open house! We will be hosts. So we are in the church building next to the temple and when people come out they can ask us questions and fill out a comment card. We also got the official invites to hand out to people so most of our week was spent inviting everyone to the temple open house! It's super fun. It's almost like saying "Hey, do you wanna come to our party?" haha. 

Thanks for all the support guys! All I need is letters and prayers!

Love you all!!

Sister B 

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