Monday, September 24, 2012

Temple Tuesday, the Giggle Squad, and Rain!

Hello All You Lovely People! 

So, yesterday was my 4 month mark! It feels like it's flown by, but at the same time I can't remember ever not being a missionary. Like I can't even remember being 20 years old! weird! 

I bet you didn't know this but last Tuesday was actually "Temple Tuesday!" Unless I talked about it before it happened...which I feel like I might have done. Anyway, it was really fun! We visited lots of members and invited them to invite their friends to the Temple Open House! And then we invited everyone else that we could! 

On Wednesday we visited a lady who lives in an assisted living place and she told us that she found the gospel through her son. When he was little his neighbor would take him to church and then when the neighbor moved, his mom started dropping him off at church and he would go all by himself! Eventually he wanted to be baptized and the missionaries came over, taught the whole family, and they all were baptized!

Also on Wed, we visited our friend Julie and we went in our service clothes in case she needed any help with anything and she said she was actually just thinking that she needed to clean out her flower bed and trim her bushes. So we were able to help her with that and she felt a lot better having it done. 

That night we taught Tara the 3rd lesson and she told us that she wants to be baptized! She's awesome. She told us that she wants to be accountable for her actions. We're excited for her!

Thursday was zone conference! We got to see lots of our missionary friends and get some spiritual upliftment! Then that night we tried to see people but no one wanted to talk to us because it was the BYU vs. BSU game! So we went home and did some effective planning. 

Friday I got to see what Emmett, Idaho looks like! We went back for a baptism of someone that Sister Hamilton taught. It was cool to go to the country! 

Saturday Anthony was baptized! It was a beautiful baptism and Sister Chadderton got to come back for it!  Saturday night we had dinner with 2 girls in our young single adult ward. It was super fun and we laughed a lot (the giggle squad..bahaha).

On Sunday we went to 6 hours of church! I am embarrassed to say that I started falling asleep through some of it. I totally had a super stressful dream and didn't get much sleep! But Sunday night we got a call from a member in the Elders' area and he asked us to come teach a girl named Zelda. She's 21 and she's been reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church with her boyfriend! We taught the first lesson and it was awesome because we were all able to relate to her really well. We think it was inspired that we were the only missionaries available at that time! 

I miss and love you all! Have a great week! Thanks for everything! 

Love, Sister B 

Shout Outs!
-Happy Birthday tomorrow to Justin Arnold! (PS. Do you still live where you did a few months ago??)
-Welcome to the world Ethan Franklyn Wild! Congrats Amber and Andrew! Miss you guys!

Me and My beautiful companion! 


Us with Sister Lee from Taiwan in Emmett!

Sister Martinez! Cheezin'!

Anthony got baptized!! woo! :) 

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