Monday, October 1, 2012

BINGO! and Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes in Samoan.

Hey Guys!
This week I saw miracles just like every week! I've learned that you see miracles when you are looking for them. So expect miracles, and they will come. I see God working in my life every day and I know with a surety that he is mindful of all of his children.
On Tuesday we helped the elderly play Bingo and it was hilarious! They played a nickle a card and they were really into it. They kept getting mad at me for calling out numbers they didn't have. hahaha. We were glad we could help them because they really enjoyed it.
So back to serious things...we finally saw a less-active lady who has 2 kids that we taught the lessons to, but we were just waiting for them to set a baptismal date. They finally are getting baptized on October 27th! They have been ready forever so we're really excited for them.
We met 2 really cool families in one of our wards on Wednesday. They were all hanging out outside watching their kids play and playing with them. They were like the life of the street! It was super funny because Brother Holyoak got to talking to Sister Hamiliton about Samoan because he learned some in school and he did head, shoulders, knees, and toes in Samoan. Hilarious.
We taught Linda and Veronica the last lesson on Wednesday and now we are just waiting to hear back from their mom about when they can be baptized. There's some family issues that need to be worked out first but they should be getting baptized soon!
We taught Tara the next day and she is also ready to be baptized on the 13th! She has definitely been prepared by the Lord. We had dinner with a family that is working on promoting family history in the ward so I got to show them how do some family history and temple work. I still remember, so that's good! Hopefully I can use some of my schooling to help the ward!
We also caught Jesse at home and started teaching him again! He went to the Salt Lake with his girlfriend and saw the temple and said he wants them to get married there! We talked about what that would entail and he is praying to know if this is the true church.
On Friday we were inspired to visit the mom of one of our former investigators because we heard she was having a hard time. She opened the door and she was crying and just didn't even say anything and let us in. She told us what has been going on, we encouraged her, read a scripture, and said a prayer. She said she felt better and that before we got there she was contemplating what she should write in her suicide note! I was extremely grateful that we followed that prompting to go see her when we did. We told her that God sent us to her and that He is aware of her and that He loves her and wants her to keep going. The Lord truly is mindful of every person, and He wants to to be happy. I know that He uses each of us as instruments in His hands to help his children who are struggling, and we're all struggling in some way. We're all here to help each other.
On Saturday we went to the Relief Society Broadcast with our mission president's wife! We were honored to go with her and the broadcast was great. And on Sunday we had a meeting about the Boise Temple Open House and learned more about what we will be doing. We'll be in the church building next to the temple when people come out and we'll be there to greet them and answer questions that they might have. Also, the highlight of the week was that all of us sisters got to take a tour of the temple. It's beautiful and truly the house of the Lord. Everyone who can needs to come to the open house.
You are all amazing! And I'm so excited for General Conference this weekend! Everyone should watch it! Check out
Love you all!
Sister B
PS. Quote of the week: "Find Happiness in ALL that  you do." -Gordon B. Hinckley

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