Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Why you cryin', HUH?"

Hello all you lovely people out there! 

So the first few days of this past week I was still living in Meridian even though I had been "transferred" to Boise west. So I didn't feel like I had really switched areas until Wednesday when we moved into our apartment that is down the street from the Boise temple! We live with 2 other sister missionaries. It's been fun! Sister Anderson, my companion, is from Georgia and she is hilarious. We never stop laughing. We live with Sister Houtz and Sister Tonuu. Sister Tonuu is from Samoa and she said she looks at me and wants to start speaking Samoan to me! I really am Poly by association! ;) And she also says "Why you cryin', HUH?!" all the time and it's hilarious. You probably would have to be there...haha

But yeah, this week has been a little crazy with opening a new area and not knowing who to visit and also working at the temple open house every day. I've had to switch gears in my mind a little bit at the open house because we're not allowed to give away Book of Mormons or teach the way we normally do. It's been interesting and we've met a lot of cool people. One sister said she met a family that was not LDS that came all the way from New York to see the temple! My favorite question so far was from a little kid - he said "Oh you're from Rhode Island? What does your license plate look like?" haha Yes, us Rhode Islanders are rare out here :). 

On Saturday we had a cool experience. We got a call at the mission office from a lady named Mary. She said she wanted sister missionaries to visit her and we ended up being the closest ones to her! So we go to her apartment complex and it took us about 30 minutes of walking around to find her apartment! Idaho doesn't believe in numbering the houses in order. haha. After we had been looking for a while we said a prayer that we would be able to find her. When we did, we said a prayer of gratitude right there on the sidewalk. She was home and she told us that she has been taught by missionaries before and that she felt like this was finally her time to convert. We testified to her that God sent us to her and that Satan was trying to keep us from her. She recognized that she's been battling Satan. She felt like she needed help and she reached out to us, which was awesome. We left her with a Book of Mormon and a chapter to read and we planned to go to the open house with her this week. Sadly, on Monday Mary called the mission office again and told us that she didn't want missionaries anymore. Satan is working hard on her. Although this experience was sad and frustrating for us, I learned that we need to keep going and keep praying for Mary, but we can't get down on ourselves. Discouragement will weaken your faith. 

Thanks for all the love and support! 

Love, Sister B 

PS I've been out 5 months today! Weird! 


Exchanges in Nampa with Sister Davenport!

Last district meeting in Meridian!

yeah, we're a pretty cool trio.

Tara got baptized! She's beautiful, isn't she? :) 

She's 6'2" so the she rolled up the pants. :) 

With Sulia! 

 Sister Christensen! the lovely lady that let us live in her beautiful basement! and a kimono in the back :) 

The Christensens! They took us to a mexican place before I left Meridian.

The Webbs! My home away from home! :) 

The Bovees! My other home away from home! :) 

The trio and sister moss is back!

Line up! I'm trying to cry here...

I just couldn't hold in the laughter! I blame sister Houtz.

Tell Grandma before you leave! :) 

Why is the word Anchovies on my peanut butter jar??? 

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