Monday, October 8, 2012

Miracles, Temples, and Conference - What More Could a Sister Ask For?

Hello Friends and Family!

Last Tuesday we played BINGO again! Sister Hamilton called out the numbers this time and she started calling them out in different accents. It was hilarious! We also had a miracle on Tuesday! We didn't really know where we needed to be after BINGO, but we decided to try to stop by someone's house and we saw that this lady wasn't home so we turned around and then we saw one of our investigators walking her dog. So we drove up to her and talked to her, and after a few minutes she couldn't hold back the tears anymore. She said she just wanted to go home and go to sleep. We pretty much insisted that we come over and talk with her and she agreed. She told us that she suffers from severe depression and that she was going through another spell. She said it was triggered by these dolls she saw in a thrift store that reminded her of a doll that her father gave her that she no longer had. She said she felt guilty for misplacing it. We could tell that Satan was really trying to get her down, so we told her that it was no coincidence that we had run into her. God sent us to her, because he loves her and is aware of her. After we left she called us and said that we pulled her out of that depression and she felt better. We told her not to thank us, but to thank her Father in Heaven. We're just the instruments. I love being a missionary! 

On Wednesday we went to the Boise Temple grounds with one of our investigators to plants flowers! They needed like 20,000 bulbs planted before the open house next Saturday so a bunch of people volunteered and we got it done! It was really fun. I can't believe the Open House starts in 5 days! 

I fasted on Wednesday because I felt like I needed some extra strength and help from the Lord. After the temple said a prayer to figure out where to go next and we both thought to go see Sister Bacon. So we went and Sister Bacon was home and we got to meet her 2 sons, Kayden and Dylan. They're 16 and 14. We shared a Mormon message with them and when it was over Kayden asked if we could watch another one! We said, "of course!" So we ended up watching two more. Mormon messages really bring the spirit. Kayden told us that he has tried to talk to God before but he didn't see a light or anything so he thought it didn't work. Kayden and Dylan grew up in a less-active LDS family so they really haven't been to church much at all. We taught them about how God speaks to us through the Holy Ghost and we feel the Holy Ghost through thoughts and feelings, and not many people see a light or a vision. It was really cool that we were there to help them understand. They are eager to learn and we already went back and taught them the first discussion. Meeting them was totally and answer to prayer and fasting. 

General Conference was amazing! If you didn't watch it you still can, just go to ;). I wrote down questions I had before conference, then I took notes during conference, and after conference I wrote down the answers I found to my questions. It was awesome because I was given a lot of direction about what I can do to become a better missionary and disciple of Christ. I'm excited to make some changes! 

Love you all!! 

Sister Bishaw 

1. Zone meeting! Last one for the McMullins! :(
2. Cinnamon Rolls made by the amazing Sister Christensen who lets us live in her house. :)
3. I guess I like to take pictures with food....Teri Chicken at the Lamms! PS. Go Broncos
4. Stole from Sis Hamilton's camera. A more normal one from Anthony's baptism.
5. Again from my comp's camera. A funny one!

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