Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Everyday in the mission laugh a lot.

Hello Everyone! 

Last Wednesday we got to hear from Elder Haleck of the 70 who came to tour our mission. We had this cool experience where we got to hear from leaders from a ward and learn about how we can better help them and how they can help us to do missionary work. There are a lot of LDS people in this area who have been lost and need rescuing and we learned a lot about how we can all better work together to help those people. 

This week at the temple open house was awesome. I was asked so many great questions. One 12-year-old Catholic boy came up to me with a notebook that he wrote some questions in. He asked me if Mormon men could have beards, what we thought about the trinity, and if we did anything to honor Mary. What an awesome kid! I told him that Mormon men can have beards, but if you're a missionary then you can't. I told him that we believe that the Godhead consists of God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. They are separate beings but all one in purpose. And I told him that we love Mary (the mother of Jesus) but we don't do anything special to honor her. He told me that he prays over the Rosary every day with his family. So cool! We get to meet so many awesome people at the open house. 

On Saturday we went to the Trunk-or-Treat one of our wards had. It was pretty funny because we met all of these people for the first time at a costume party and when we saw them at church on Sunday we hardly recognized them! The brother conducting the meeting was Uncle Fester the night before so that's all we could picture as he was speaking. SO funny. 

We're teaching two 12-year old girls right now who want to be baptized. And on Sunday we received 2 referrals from members whose neighbors want us to teach them! The members out here are awesome at sharing the gospel with their friends! 

And me and Sister Anderson still laugh a lot every day. :)

I love you all! and You're all in my prayers! 

Sister Bishaw 


Sister Tonuu and Elder Cook. Yeah, he's 6'11". haha

Props to Pete Webb for the cool mug ;) 

Me with my cool mug :) 

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