Friday, November 9, 2012

"If you ever need me to carry a box of food, I'll do it."

Hello All!

I'm glad to hear that all you Rhode Islanders out there are okay! Everyone out here kept telling me about the storm, but I can't watch the news or anything so it seemed very unreal. My prayers are with all those who hit hard by the hurricane. 

So last week this really funny thing happened where all four of us sisters who live in our apartment got in the car and went to Walmart. We got all the stuff we needed piled in our carriages and made our way to the checkout line. Sister Anderson goes first and after all of her stuff is rung up we find out that dun dun dun...her card doesn't work! We then have to leave our stuff there because my card doesn't work either. We go to the car thinking we'll go to an ATM (the one in Walmart was out of order of course) and when we get to the car, the other sisters said they called the mission office and they said that our bank had an error happen when trying to get the money on our cards for the new month. Sooo that was frustrating, but hilarious. Then on Thursday we went back to Walmart and bought all the same stuff and this time our cards finally worked! I think it was actually inspiration because the I forgot to buy ketchup the first time we went shopping, but I remembered it the second time. 

On Saturday we went to visit a member couple and their neighbor who has a lot of questions about the gospel. But when we got there there was this giant fridge fiasco going on. haha. Sister Healy ordered a new fridge that was 3 inches too big to fit where the old fridge went! So, their neighbor came over to help do some remodeling to fit the new fridge in. So we watched as he knocked some cabinets out with a hammer and sawed off part of her countertop!! Her neighbor is super funny too so we were just really enjoying the show. Brother Healy had hijacked his neighbor to the temple open house the week before and his neighbor loved it. We meet so many cool people! 

On Sunday we might have had two dinner. One at 5 and one at 7. I wouldn't recommend it. haha Our wards double-booked us by accident and we thought because it was fast Sunday we'd be hungry enough for 2 dinners. Not true. lol

So yeah, we're having a lot of fun here in Boise West. To explain the title of this post...One time sister anderson had a box of cheez-its and I thought she was going to bring them with us but she didn't. So we got in the car and I said "Where are they" and she said she didn't feel like carrying them. So I said  "If you ever need me to carry a box of food, I'll do it." That applies to all of you too! :) 

Love you all so much! All I need is letters, e-mails, and prayers! :)
Love, Sister B 

Shout Outs!
-Welcome Home to CT Elder David Monson!
-Hey Miken Shumway if you are reading this you should send me that letter you wrote to me like 4 months ago! haha LOVE YOU! Just send it to the mission office! 1111 S. Cole Rd Boise, ID 83709 :) 
-If anyone who is reading this knows Justin Arnold's address please send it to me via
-Also I need Jocelyn Hicks' (wow that's weird ;)) address and Carrissa Friedman's.

This Month's Planner :) 

Sister Houtz from Colorado!!

Props to my wonderful companion. haha

West siide ;)

Sister Tonuu from Samoa!

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