Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Remember that time when we were all in the Idaho Boise Mission...."

Hey Guys!!

This past week was the last week of the Boise Temple Open House! It was really busy and fun. My favorite comment card was from a little kid named Tristan who is Lutheran and he wrote "The Lord has beautiful stuff." Love it! So true!

We finally got a map of our area! We finally just had to go to Barnes and Noble and buy one because all our attempts to get one for free failed. 

We're supposed to be having a baptism for an 11 year old that we're teaching this Friday. There have been a lot of technical issues with setting it up, but we think we got everything worked out. It's been really interesting knowing we're only going to be here for six weeks, 4 of which are over! Time flies people! 

We taught the young women on Sunday about preparing spiritually to serve missions. It's so cool to be able to give advice to people who are going through what you've already been through. Tell them what you wish you did or what you were glad you did. I love teaching, but mostly I love sharing stories. 

Today has been a really fun P-day. It's good to have P-day on Monday again. First we played nerf wars with the Elders. Then we played volleyball with the Elders and Sisters. All very fun stuff. 

Thanks for all the love and support! If any of my friends out there want a letter, send me your address and I'll write you one! :) 

Sister B 

Family History Jokes! To all you BYU family history majors! I miss you!

Look closely at the name tags....bahaha and can you find Sister Houtz? 

Found it.


That's a Deseret Book bag that I turned into a free poster. 

Favorite comment card of the whole thing! God indeed has beautiful stuff. 

One time I tried to make a piece of toast on the stove and....

It came out looking like a giant square oreo! bahaha

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Nerf wars anyone? 

My beautiful companera

Missionary volleyball!

All the sisters in one place! Check out Sister Hamilton in the front!

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