Monday, November 19, 2012



This week was our first week without the open house! We were like "where did all this time come from?" haha. We also had a lot of exciting events going on this week. We had zone conference on Wednesday. We all got together for some training from our mission president and other leaders. We also got to watch "The Other Side of Heaven" as a Thanksgiving gift from President Cannon. We also played musical hats which was hilarious! It got down to Sister Tonuu and another Elder....The Elder won but Sister T gave him the Poly stare so we know who really won...haha :). 

On Friday we had one of those days where we had solid appointments that all fell through. We think it was inspired though because sister anderson had flu-like symptoms all day anyway. We we go to the appointment, drive home, and sister anderson would take a nap...and that's pretty much how the day went. But that night Mikayla was baptized! It was probably one of our most interesting baptisms. First we couldn't find the baptismal clothes, then her younger brother didn't want to get baptized, then the whole thing felt rushed, and we shard a bible video that I accidently turned off in the middle of it....haha but other than that it was awesome :). We also ate a ton of cake and ice cream that night. haha

On Saturday we went to the youth cultural celebration - well we watched it on TV at the church building. It was super awesome and funny. The kids cheered at everything the prophet said. They also did the Haka for the the New Zealanders like my mama Chadderton. Good times. 

Sunday was the rededication of the temple. It was very spiritual and my testimony was strengthened. I need to rededicate myself to do better each day. President Monson wiggled his ears during the session and it was super funny. We have a really funny prophet. 

Thanks for all the love! Everyone have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!! :) 

Much love, 
Sister B 

Shout Outs: 
-Happy Belated B-days to Jocelyn Hicks and Isabel Nowinowski! Love you!
-Congrats to future Sister Pfeifer on her mission call!! 

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