Monday, November 26, 2012

"Remember that one time we ate 4 Thanksgiving dinners..."


This past week was a pretty crazy last week in Boise West! The whole transfer was pretty crazy actually with the open house, and sick companions, and the dark streets of Boise at 6PM. The craziest thing that happened this week was that Sister Anderson threw out her back on Tuesday morning. That pretty much got rid of all hope of getting much work done before the end of the transfer. Sister Anderson was in a lot of pain so we went to the Chiropractor and he gave her some stretches to do and when she tried them later she hurt her back more. So then she got a priesthood blessing from one of the office elders and he used to be a doctor so he told her to just rest for a while. So I went out with one of the other sisters as much as possible to try to see people and the rest of the time I stayed home with my companion. I spent a lot of time getting information together for the Elders who would come in after as because we knew we would be transferred. It was all pretty interesting but we had fun and made the best of it. 

On Monday night we went to an inter-faith dinner at a Catholic cathedral downtown. It was really cool. They had people from all different religions there speaking and saying prayers and singing. They even had these awesome Aztec dancers. One of the Boise stake presidents was there an about 8 missionaries came. 

On Thanksgiving we ate 4 dinners! We successfully made it through the day without throwing up! haha We have trouble saying no to dinner invitations apparently...We had a lot of fun though. The first dinner was at a Filipino lady's house and she invited 8 missionaries to come. She made these awesome egg rolls with sweet and sour sauce and rice and meat and gravy. It was a cool thing to have on Thanksgiving! After we ate we just went home and rested our stomachs! and Sister Anderson's back too...

On Friday we got transfer calls! I'm going to....dun dun dun....Middleton, ID! And Sister Anderson got sent to Twin Falls, the same place she started her mission in over a year ago! My new companion is Sister King who is also from GA, she's actually in the same stake as Sister Anderson's family! My first to companions were poly and my second two are southerners ;). I'm in Middleton now. We actually live in Star, ID. We live in a members basement and it's really nice. I got all unpacked this morning and I am ready to work! I'm excited to get to know the people in this area! It's also my first "country" area! The people we live with have a horse, dogs, cats, and goats! I'm stoked. 

Love you all and thanks again for all the support! 

Sister B

My December planner! 

Sister King! :) Just chillin' in the Star Library ;) 

Boise South Zone!


uhhhh, yeah. We just have too much fun haha

Our gift to the Elders. hahaha wait it gets funnier...

BAM! Don't mess with Samoa ;) 

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