Monday, September 10, 2012

New Comp, New Investigators, and Newlyweds

Hey Guys!

All is well here. This week was busy but awesome. Sister Hamilton is all about the work so we were pretty much running this week! We spent most of the week inviting people to the Boise Temple Open House and that was really fun. It's almost like knocking on someone's door and saying "Hey Come to our party!". We made these cheap-o flyers with all the information on them and gave them to former investigators and their neighbors! A lot of people don't know about the open house so we have to start getting the word out now even though it's a month away. 

On Wednesday we had to switch cars with some Elders because they were making the miles go up too fast. So now we have a Toyota Corolla instead of the Malibu. It took a little getting used to because all the buttons are different in the corolla, but the corolla is less of a boat so that is awesome. 

Also on Wednesday we got to see a girl who was going to be baptized a few weeks ago but her mom told her she needs to wait. We encourages her to keep going and she told us she's never going to give up. It's a cool experience to see people who are so committed to do what their Father in Heaven asks of them. 

On Thursday we met a "Golden investigator." She's a young single adult and she has an LDS friend who gave her our number. She went to her friend's brother's wedding in Salt Lake and had a really good feeling being on the temple grounds. We asked her what she expected to come of meeting with us and she said "hopefully I can get baptized." She amazing and came to all 3 hours of church on Sunday and went to a CES devotional. She has really been prepared by the Lord. 

Friday was the wedding! The ward put together the most beautiful reception in just 5 days and the wedding ceremony was beautiful. I got to see my trainer so that was fun! And Dan is all ready for his baptism on Friday now!

On Saturday we knocked on a door to invite them to the temple and the lady who answered the door said she goes to Calvary Chapel, but she has a lot of questions about life and she wishes there was just one church. She invited us to come back and discuss her questions with her. We also know an LDS lady who is in the same family situation as her and so we're going to introduce them so they can be friends. It was awesome!

This week has been a tough because of all the change, but I know it's good for me and I'm learning a lot. 

Thanks for all the support! I always appreciate letters and even a short e-mail if you don't have time for a paper letter!

Love you all!
Sister B 

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