Monday, August 20, 2012

"Why is it wrong to chew bubble gum?", "Listen to your parents better!", and "Kefir!"

Hello Family and Friends!

So last Monday was pretty great. We has FHE with a member and we talked about Elder Wirthlin's talk "Come What May and Love it." You can check it out on I love that talk. We also watched this video that was a talk by Elder Busche to music and pictures. Here are some quotes I wrote down from it: 

"You are a spirit child of God. If you neglect to feed your spirit you will reap unhappiness." 

"Cut out all criticizing thoughts. If you don't they will harm you."

"The pain of sacrifice lasts only one moment. It is the fear of the pain of sacrifice that makes you hesitate to do it." 

Also on Monday we saw Lindsay, one of our investigators. She moved back to Colorado this week to go to school, but we were able to answer some more of her questions about missions and the church before she left. She also asked us for a Book of Mormon! It was amazing because before that she thought she wasn't ready to read it in the right mind frame. But sister Chadderton  read from it during the lesson and the spirit was so strong. I know that the Book of Mormon really is a sacred book. It brings God's spirit into our lives. 

On Tuesday we knocked on the doors of an entire street for 2 solid hours! That like never happens usually. We were determined to knock every door no matter how painful it might be. We met 2 Catholics, a Methodist, a Jehovah's Witness, and 2 inactive LDS people. One lady told us she used to be LDS, but she hasn't been to church in forever. We were about to ask why and she said "You can go visit someone else now." So we did. We also met an atheist who said he was baptized LDS when he was young but he never went to church. He is a scientist so it was very interesting talking to him. He believes in a higher power but he doesn't call it God. So that was interesting. Another guy told us he knows things about our church that we don't know. Apparently the Prophet is keeping secrets from all of us about what we actually believe. Another interesting idea.

That night we went on exchanges and I got to go to Boise! I was with Sister Anderson and she was in the MTC with sister chadderton. Sister Anderson is so funny and awesome. They only cover 2 wards in Boise so that was different! We helped water plants at a community garden that night. It was cool because people volunteer there and then the food goes to the refugees in the area. 

On Wednesday we visited a lot of cool people in Boise and then we exchanged back at 5. That night we saw a recent convert who is struggling financially and spiritually. Her ex-husband is making things difficult for her and it's really sad. She also needed wrist surgery and she's a hair dresser so she couldn't work this week. We challenged her to pay her tithing and see if the Lord blesses her. We know that the Lord will bless us more than we can imagine as we sacrifice things for him. She said she had nothing to lose because either way she can't pay her bills. I pray for her a lot. 

On Thursday we met an Essential Oils lady who is a member and she taught us all this cool stuff we can do to be healthier. We've been feeling tired all the time and like sick from the unhealthy food we've been eating. She did a energy muscle test and showed us how these oils can make us stronger. It was pretty awesome. She also gave us Kefir which is these grains that you put in milk and you pretty much grow your own yogurt. It's like super healthy for you I guess. It's hard to judge about these things though because people have so many differing opinions. We've been trying to see if it makes us feel better though. Also on Thursday we had dinner with the Dengsoths who are from Laos. He told us to "listen to our parents better." It was sad because their kids pulled the "American freedom card" on them a ton when they were growing up so their kids made all these bad decisions and didn't listen to their parents. I have definitely learned that it is important to listen to your parents even when you don't understand because they know better than you and are more experienced. It's just like following the Lord's commandments when you don't know why you're doing it exactly. 

We went to Five Guys for district lunch on Friday and as we were ordering this random guy dropped a hundred dollar bill and the counter and said he was paying for all 8 of the missionaries lunches! There are some really NICE people out here! Friday was a good day because that night we went to see a part member family and the dad committed to be baptized on September 14th! He wants to be sealed in the temple to his family forever. It's so awesome to see his great desire to follow God and he told us that he quit all his addictions because he wants to be around as long as possible so he can be there to help his family if they need anything. Amazing! Oh and right before he left he was texting his friend in the ward and I guess his friend was messing with him and said he had to quit chewing bubble gum so he asked us "Wait, why is it wrong to chew bubble gum??" We said, "uhh you can chew as much Bubble gum as you want!" haha

On Saturday we met another health food lady! She showed us what she eats every day and she eats like zero unnatural sugar! She has steel cut oats and all these seeds and nuts for breakfast and she eats Kefir too and grows her own sprouts and all this other really health\y stuff! She gave us a whole class on it. It was cool. She also showed us some yoga we can do to give us more energy. I know I will feel so much better when I start eating healthier! Although I can't be too extreme on my mission obviously. 

Yesterday we saw the man who committed to baptism again because we had dinner with his family and by the end of the night he committed his 17 year old who also is not baptized to come to church 1 hour a week until he moves out of his house! Great things are happening in that family!

A sad story on Sunday though was that we had an appointment with an investigator fall through because her mom said she didn't do her chores so she couldn't go out. This girl is 13 and she was planning on being baptized this weekend but it seems like her mom is going to keep pushing it off. We're going to keep praying and doing everything we can though because this girl really wants this and she knows how much the gospel will bless her life. 

2 weeks left til my second transfer is over! It's going by so fast. Also, the 7 year anniversary of my baptism is this coming Sunday! 

Love you all! And thanks to those who write me! You can e-mail too if that's easier. I'll just write a paper letter back :) 

Sister B 

Shout Outs:
-Happy Birthday to my cousin Hannah on the 24th!
-Happy Belated Birthday to my dear friend Carissa! It was in July right? haha love you! 

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2. Picture that was on our zone vision this month. It said "Just Do it" on the top. 

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