Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fanci Fries

Hello! Happy Monday everyone! 

On Tuesday we went on exchanges. So I went to Nampa with Sister Huffman and Sister Hamilton came to Boise with Sister Lee. Upon arriving to Nampa, Sister Hamilton called us and asked us where the car fixing place was. I asked why and she said there was a screw in our tire! Apparently I drove all the way to Meridian with a screw in my tire. The Lord truly does protect his missionaries. Thanks for all the prayers guys! They work. But Nampa was fun. I got to do some of my family history. I have So much more information than I thought. So  many names, it's awesome. I also met a girl who is coming back to church after not coming for 15 years. Her boyfriend died last summer and she was really mad at God about it. But then she decided to move to Boise and she started studying the Book of Mormon again and coming to church. Going back to church is really the best thing you can do when difficult things happen in your life. Walking away from God is the worst thing you could do. 

We found some new people to teach this week. One is man who has been clean of drugs for 5 years. He grew up LDS and now he wants to come back and have us teach his children. He said he knows that it's only because of God that he was able to quit. The power of God is great. We also went knocking doors and found a man who stopped coming to church a few months ago after he got divorced. He's only in his 30's so it's hard for him to go to the family wards alone. We invited him to come back. He didn't come...yet. But he lives across the street from the ward mission leader though. We also knocked on a door and then the girl who lived there walked up behind us. So we started talking to her and she said that she doesn't go to any church but she has an LDS friend and would be interested in learning more. We gave her a Book of Mormon and got her number. 

Saturday was a pretty busy day. First we washed someone's dog. Then we had a lesson. Then we ran to Fanci Freeze to get some food because someone gave us a gift card. Sister Lee called is Fanci Fries once. haha. That's a good name too. Then we taught another lesson. Then we went to meet our ride to Horseshoe Bend. Sister Lee had a baptism in her old area. These members were kind enough to take us even though it's an hour away. They ended up knowing some of the people at the baptism! 

So it was a good week. We also got permission to email friends. So if you email me I'll email you back! 

Have an awesome week! Thanks for all the support! I can feel the prayers! Love you all! 

Sister Bishaw 

The first thing I even made with tatting! 

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