Monday, March 25, 2013

"All White People Look the Same"

Miracle story of the week: We got a referral for a refugee family from the Congo and finally got to meet them last Friday. The dad, Deo, only speaks French and his tribal language and he's been learning English for 5 months. So we brought a translator and it was awesome! We were planning on just establishing his beliefs but we sat down and he said "I want to know about Joseph Smith" (in French haha). So we taught lesson 1 and he asked awesome questions like "how does baptism work" and "do I need to be baptized again" and he agreed to be baptized in April! He wants to learn the Joseph Smith story so he can go back to the Congo and tell everyone about him! He's been prepared by the Lord for this I know it. His story will probably be a Mormon Message some day. :) We showed him pictures of the latter-day prophets and he asked if they were all the same person! bahaha We were like yeah all white people look the same. lol. 

Also, we got transfer calls and today is transfer day. Sister Lee went to Nampa with my last companion Sister Houtz! I guess I just send all my companions to Nampa! haha. I will be training a new missionary in Boise. We have 7 sisters coming tomorrow so we're so excited! 

Have an awesome week guys! Please email me!! :)     

Love you all!!

Sister B

We got a flat while I was on exchanges! haha!

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