Monday, April 1, 2013

"Oh, you want some Doritos? NO, THE ORANGE CHIPS!"

Hola Amigos!

The Spanish actually makes sense this week because I'm training Hermana Turner from Oakdale, California (near Modesto) and she's a Spanish sister! So I get to practice my Spanish. It's super fun. (We only have one Spanish sisters area so Hermana Turner is being trained in English first. We're not teaching any Spanish people.) Hermana Turner is a convert too, she was baptized when she was 13. Elders knocked on her door and her older sister let them in! Only her, her twin, and her older sister joined the church. And before she left her grandma asked her if she could get baptized while she was gone and Hermana T said of course! We also have so much in common. Like right down to we both don't like raw tomatoes or avocados. haha. And her last name is Turner just like my sister Alena and she has the same major as Alena (Therapeutic Recreation) . Crazy! But yeah we're having so much fun. She was really prepared so she's doing great!

So the beginning of the week was full of meetings and a little chaos until I finally got Hermana Turner as my companion on Wednesday. On Tuesday we took the new missionaries out knocking doors near BSU and a few of us got kicked out of this apartment complex. We had no idea we couldn't track there. But we met some cool people before that happened. One was from China and I was like "Where is Sister Lee??" She's in Nampa now of course. haha. But we had fun. We even tracted into an LDS person. 

Here are a couple funny quotes from this week:
We were at dinner and one of the little boys said "I want some more orange chips." And I said "Oh, you want some Doritos." And he said "NO, THE ORANGE CHIPS!" haha Which were Doritos of course. 

Another time we were listening to a lady we visit talk to her 10-year-old grandaughter who just got a cell phone. She said "My phone is so tiny, but my mom's is the size of a flat-screen TV." bahaha

We also went over to our neighbors to meet them offically. They're LDS. She's from the Dominican Republic and he's from America but served his mission there. So we got to practice Spanish! And it's perfect because she's learning English. I was brave and asked if I could say I prayer before we left in Spanish. They said I said everything right so that's good! haha. They're super nice. They're going to let us use their washing machine and dryer because ours is broken. 

We also met this man that the Elders met first at Walmart or something. He's struggling right now because his fiance just has a baby and they were going to give it up for adoption but when they met the baby they couldn't. So now they're struggling financially and have to move in with her mom. But he told us that every time things go wrong in his life, the missionaries show up. Weird! haha. The Lord is definitely looking our for him. He joined the LDS church when he was in the Marines. 

We also met a lady while she was walking her dogs and she said "Oh, my sister is LDS. Well, I guess I'm LDS too." She lives right across the street from the church. She hasn't been in a while but we invited her to come back and she said she will if she's not working Sundays. Really sweet lady!

The family from the Congo is doing okay. We had like 25 people at the lesson last night. They have 2 member friends that help them with English and they brought their whole families. And there are already 9 of them and 2 missionaries, and one translator. Yeah it got pretty hot int heir living room. But it was cool that so many people care about them. The dad is still really interested and can't deny that he knows the Book of Mormon is true. But his family has already started going to the Methodist church and they're not so sure about our church. So we just invited them to find out for themselves and we'll keep teaching them and loving them and praying for them. 

Happy Belated Easter! We ate at a Filipino lady's house. We had ham and potatoes and ribs and empanadas and brownies! I ate WAY too much! And I've had way too much chocolate this week! Hermana Turner got a giant box of snacks in the mail. We need to buy some real food today. haha

Have a great week everyone! General Conference is on Saturday and Sunday! I'm excited to hear what the Lord wants me to know from our church leaders. Check out to watch it! Everyone is welcome to! 

Love you all!! Email me please!

Love, Sister Bishaw 
The 7 trainers!

The 28 new missionaries!

Hermana Turner!

Our awesome Easter related skill check! 

Elder Saalman's Egg. He loves soccer and his homeland, Germany. 

Our favorite German Elder with his Easter egg. 

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