Saturday, April 27, 2013

"I'm passing my testimony out like candy!"


Monday night a miracle happened! We were teaching this family and they told us that they wanted to get baptized. Awesome right? So we asked them why the want to be baptized. They gave amazing answers. One wants to be cleansed and get a fresh start. And the other wants to be sealed to his family for eternity in the temple. I almost cried I was so happy for them. 

Wednesday was new missionary training all day. It was really awesome. We learned a lot about how to be better missionaries and companions. President Cannon always plays this awesome talk by Elder Holland where he says "Feed my sheep!" Elder Holland's word always hit me. If we love Christ, we will do all we can to serve him and put him first. I think we're all working on that. One funny thing an Elder said was that 3 weeks ago he was struggling to share his testimony and now he's "passing it out like candy!" haha

Wednesday night we went to young women's with one of our investigators. She loved it and she made a really cute apron! The girls there were so nice and welcoming to her and the leaders invited her to girl's camp. 

So funny story: we came home for dinner on Thursday and found our apartment door open. We were chickens so we had our neighbor check it out for us. He came out and said that there was no one in there but it was really weird because the deadbolt and the regular lock were locked. Hermana Turner tried to close the door with the deadbolt open! haha. We thought it was inspired though that we came home when we did because if our appointment didn't cancel we wouldn't have been home until 9. 

This past weekend was stake conference. One sister gave an amazing talk about family history work and how it is the same thing as missionary work. Our ancestors need us and they want to help us. The conference on Sunday was actually a broadcast to the whole valley I think. Elder Hales spoke to us about strengthening our families through family home evening, scriptures study, and prayer. The simple things really do make the difference. Sometimes I think we get too distracted by things that don't matter so much. 

Sunday night we went to a families house for our investigator, Diane's, "birthday." She is a refugee from Rwanda and a lot of refugees don't know when their birthday is. So this family that has befriended her decided to throw her a birthday party because she's never had one! So sweet! They got decorations, dinner, cake, and presents! It was really fun. So Diane's birthday is now officially April 21st. :) 

We taught our family from the Congo as well. The oldest son who is 17 is really getting into the Book of Mormon and he's really smart. He came to church all by himself on Sunday because his dad was working. He made us a promise last week and he for sure kept it. We gave him 4 chapters to read this week because 1 was just too easy for him ;)

Everything is well here! I turn 22 tomorrow! ahh!! 

Have a great week everyone!!

Sister Bishaw

Shout Outs: 
-Congrats to Dan and Danielle on their baby on the way!! Nephew #6?? ;) 

Happy Birthday Diane!


Cake time!
Blow out the candles!

Amazing family. So cute. 

Present time! 

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