Saturday, May 4, 2013

"So, I'm Apache, and You're Jesus Christ." -Scarry Larry


So this week was awesome! Last Monday we took a lot of hilarious pictures so check it out. Tuesday was my birthday and we got to go to the Boise temple! We also had a great lesson with a couple we are teaching. We taught them about the word of wisdom and tithing and they accepted those commandments right away! The wife said that she drinks coffee so that would be hard to stop but then the husband suggested that she drink a nice fruit smoothie instead and she thought that was a great idea! Some people are so prepared. We also met a man named skip and helped him move his TV. He was so cool. He talked to us for a while. He says he loves everything about our church except Joseph Smith. We went tracting on Wednesday and we saw Scarry Larry's ice cream truck in Scarry Larry's driveway and specifically knocked on his door and met him! He is 70 and he started the truck 21 years ago. He developed his own breed of tomato and he knows a war dance. He said God is in his heart and not in the church. We also looked at our nametags and said "So, I'm Apache and you're Jesus Christ." Nice. He's a cool guy. On Friday we met this lady who is getting evicted from her apartment on Wednesday. It was really sad. She has some LDS family so she wanted to know if the church can help her. We got her in touch with the Bishop so hopefully he can. She has 2 children and the baby is developmentally disabled. We read from the Book of Mormon and told her to not give up hope and to keeping praying and all will work out. It's cool to be able to use the scriptures to comfort others who are struggling. Right after dinner on Friday we stopped by to see the family from the Congo. The mom gave us each a plate of homemade French Fries with mayo! They were good but we were so full. On Sunday we had 13 people we are teaching come to church! We worked really hard to help them get there this week. It was great to see them all there. A family that sat behind our family from the Congo invited them over Sunday night for crepes and to have the lesson at their house. The LDS people here help us so much. The work is really picking up getting ready for the mission to split. It's an exciting time. 

Love you all!! 
Sister Bishaw 

Members bought us Mongolian BBQ on my birthday! SO GOOD!


There's my cake! haha thanks kimmie ;)

We take pictures of cool license plates...

Monia is a pro at the Cello! ;)

And she is a gangster ;) She was singing Justin Bieber haha



Sonia's car!

Drive Sober

We have 7

bahaha We went to the aquarium 

sorry I can't take serious pictures....

Oh well I guess this one is normal...We got to pet the sting rays!

Yeah she's cool 

At the train depot looking out at the capitol!


John 3:16. Best. Ever. 

Temple trip on my birthday!

Rice. Another awesome one!

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