Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Your future wife gain 10 pounds."


So my new companion is Sister Hala'api'api from TONGA! I love her. She is so sweet and has so much faith. She is really bold and just tells you how it is. 

We had a good week even though we had a few trials. Two of the people we've been teaching don't want to be taught anymore. We are really sad because we love them and want them to be happy. But we all have the freedom to choose. 

Other than that we've been having fun doing service and teaching other people. The members here take really good care of us. We went to a member's house to talk to our families on Sunday and they also made us dinner. It was nice. 

I get to help Sister Hala'api'api with her English which is fun. Maybe my calling is to help others with their mission language. 

At the trainers meeting on Monday one of the Elders dropped a hymn book and Sister Lee from Korea said "Your future wife gain 10 pounds." bahaha

Love you all! Please write if you can! 

Sister  Bishaw 

Lani made this for my birthday!

Don't waster the juice! She gave in to peer pressure....


Salting it...

the first bite! ew

Pure concentration

Bye Hermana Turner!

uh oh, the tire cover came off the trailer on transfer day! 

Good thing we have duct tape! haha

Romans 8:28

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