Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Ofa Atu!"


This week went well. Sister Hala'api'api and I are getting better at understanding each other! haha. Language study is really fun. English is so difficult sometimes. 

We went on exchanges last week and I got to go to Boise North. I saw two people there from my other areas. One was an investigator's mom and the other was a couple that met in the single's ward I served in last fall and now they're married! They looked so familiar when I walked in and then eventually we figured out why! All my areas are so close together that I see people I know all the time. It's fun. 

Also when I was in Boise North we saw a homeless man outside the gas station. He asked us if we had any change. We didn't but I was holding the Book of Mormon and so I asked him if we could give it to him. He accepted it and we explained that it was another testament of Jesus Christ that goes with the Bible and that he would find peace in reading it. He was really grateful. When we got back in the car we looked over and he was already reading it! Sometimes the Lord puts us right where we need to be. 

I've learned some Tongan words! Ofa Atu = I love you. and then Malo e leilei is hello!

Have a great week! Ofa atu!

<3 Sister Bishaw

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