Monday, April 15, 2013

"Scary Larry's Ice Cream"


This week was great but really busy. We made an appointment with one of our investigators and the second we got there they were running out of the house to go to the hospital because his pregnant wife got 2 bee s

This week our left taillight went out! We should of just got them both fixed last time. But we just did planning while we waited almost 2 hours for the dealer to fix it. Good times. 

We did this cool object lesson with a family where one person has to do push-ups to pay for each person's doughnut. It was supposed to symbolize how Christ has already paid the price. So even if someone didn't eat their doughnut, he still had to do the push-ups. It didn't work too well because we didn't have enough people. The mom was taking her sweet time picking out her doughnut while her son was still doing push-ups. It was hilarious. But it's true. Christ has already paid the price whether we accept his gift or not. 

On Sunday we taught the family from the Congo. They ALMOST came to church but ended up not coming at the last minute. We taught them that night about the Sacrament and why we go to church. I felt genuine love for them as I testified boldly that going to church will help them to know if this church really is Christ's church. 

Thanks for all your support! I love my mission. 

Love you all!
Sister Bishaw

PS. We actually saw an ice cream truck that said "Scary Larry's Ice Cream" on it. bahaha

We found Boise's Admiral

I'm tatting a bracelet! It's coming out cool :)


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