Monday, April 8, 2013

"Satan is no match for the SAVIOR." -Elder Scott

Dearest Family and Friends, 

This week was full of awesome things! 

1) Monday was April Fool's Day and no one we saw even talked about it let alone pranked us.

2) We went tried to contact someone of Monday and they weren't home so we knocked on their neighbor's door and it ended up being an LDS lady who hasn't been to church in a while!

3) An investigator family of ours invited us to a future BBQ. 

4) Robert let us ride his super cool motorized bike! (See pictures). Also, even better, Robert and Elizabeth came to church on Sunday!! We sadly were not at their ward that day but they took pictures in front of the church for us! haha

5) On Thursday we met the Grandma of 2 youth that we are teaching and she came to the lesson and it went so well! We said a prayer at the end where we each said part of it. And we did some object lessons that made it fun. 

6) On Friday we went tracting and found a former investigator and made an appointment with her!

7) Saturday and Sunday we got to watch General Conference! I loved it! We were taught so many simple truths. Like how the Atonement of Christ can help us and if we trust in God everything will be okay. Also, how missionary work can be fun, and not something we just feel like we should do but we're scared to do. God has revealed truths that can bless a lot of people. 

8) The weekend was awesome because we had so many experiences where the Lord was letting us know that people appreciate us and that what we're doing matters. We saw a lady named Lisa and she told us how much our visits have really helped her to come back to church and just brighten her day. And on Sunday we saw this lady we hadn't seen in a really long time because she's been away and she can relate to Sister Turner's life really well and was really able to give her advice on what she can do. Then this lady said a prayer just telling God how much she loves us and appreciates us coming. Those moments make it all worth it and really remind us of why we're here. 

9) Members talked to 2 women who were in the church parking lot and invited them to visit with us! They are both from Africa and they are super sweet. We taught the first lesson and it went well. We also taught our family from the Congo. We taught the plan of salvation and the kids really opened up and asked a lot of questions. I think about 3 languages were spoken during the lesson and it was kind of Chaotic, but at the end Deo, the father, said "God sees you." And he said that we are doing a really good thing. 

Well, I love you all! Write or email if you can please!! :) 

Sister Bishaw 

Me on Robert's awesome bike!!


Hermana Turner!

Robert on his awesome bike!!

Easter Eggs after Easter!

The finished product


The sun was a little bright...

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